Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another word about mammograms

I just got an email asking me to direct my readers to this place. Unfortunately, at the moment I have very few readers, and I think that most of them are men and wouldn't be interested anyway. But I'll take a moment and mention it anyway.
If you buy gift cards from this place, they are supposed to make a donation to someplace that gives free mammograms. I love free stuff. I don't so much love mammograms, but they do seem to be necessary once in a while, so it's nice if sometimes a girl in poor financial shape can still get one if she doesn't have any money.
And if you'll notice, they do have gift cards for my favorite place, Bath & Body Works. And if you don't like that place, they have cards for a lot of restaurants, including Marie Callender's, which I know many people like because I get a lot of people Googling Marie Callender semi-annual pie sale. There looks like a gift card for just about everything, and there's even gift cards for grocery stores, and I know everyone here needs groceries. Great. So you can give somebody a gift card and make a charitable donation to a mammogram place at the same time.

Okay, thank you for reading. Back to the regular nonsense of blogging. End of plug.


dmarks said...

I'll try to remember to put this in my blog tomorrow. Seems like a very good reason to postpone the next drive-in-movie or "oh it is too cold" blog post.

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

It looks like a great site, but I'm in the wrong continent.