Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The usual

Well, I decided not to go to Paris. We spent too much damn money last week and didn't get much work done. Maybe I will get some work done this week. Maybe not. At least I won't be out of town spending money in an attempt to make a trip to the middle of nowhere into a vacation.

It is somewhat dark and wet outside. Not much, just barely enough to be annoying and keep me from trying to go outside and work in the garden. I keep thinking that it has stopped, but as soon as I get my tools and such together it starts again.

The husband left just after breakfast, and if he is being thoughtful he will call soon to tell me that he has arrived safely. He should do that anyway, and he should especially do it today because it is wet outside and there is the increased chance that he might get into an accident. But he might not call because a.) he is a man and doesn't always think of such things, and b.) we had a bit of a fight before we left and in his mind it's okay to let me worry because he didn't feel like picking up the phone. We should have had the fight yesterday, but I tried so hard to avoid it since we were about to spend the week apart and I just wanted to spend one nice day together before that. But, he had to bring up the same nonsense again this morning, before I was even out of bed. Great way to start the day.

The phone rang, and I thought it was him with the usual call letting me know he was there safe and where he could be reached, etc.... But no. It was a call for him, and I could swear it was from S of the company he currently works for. People from the company he works for frequently call for him here when he is out of town, because they someone get the idea that this is his cell phone, and no one ever corrects the mistake. So there's always this brief moment of worry, that they are calling me to tell me he's been in an accident. But this is almost always replaced by my being annoyed at the thousandth time someone has called me looking for him when they should know damned well that he isn't here.

The the phone rang and I thought it was S from the company, and there was just a moment of panic immediately replaced by being annoyed that someone from the company was calling me to talk to him, probably even calling from the same building he was already working in or the same motel he was staying at. So I just said that he'd already left and was about to hang up the phone. But then S was saying something about a job he'd applied for, and then it didn't quite make sense. Why was S from the company he already works for calling to ask if he was still interested in the job he'd applied for?

Okay, not S from the company he already works for. S was calling from B company, and she'd said something about the other company, and my brain just fused the whole thing together and came up with S from the company he already works for, since I knew that there was in fact S at the company he already works for and he works with her frequently and maybe he works with her this week too.

Okay, if the husband is reading this he needs to call home now to get the message to call S from B company. S from B company probably thinks that your wife is a nut, but you probably need to call her anyway, to be nice if nothing else.

So I've got a week to myself, which I had planned to start of with a bit of gardening, which I can't do right at the moment because it is dark and wet outside. I should also clean house, which I hate doing. To put off doing that a bit longer, I'm writing this blog post. I was busy, busy, busy for several weeks and didn't blog much and found to my surprise that I didn't miss writing it that much. Though I did miss reading other people's blogs a bit, and I am not too happy that some of the bloggers are sick and such and are not currently writing much, and KillerRants seems to be broken at the moment. And my favorite soap opera blog, which went private several months ago was actually deleted a month or two ago, which I still can't seem to accept and I keep typing in the address just in case the first few dozen times I read the delete message were in error.

Apparently, life goes on, even without blogs.

I seem to have an A in ceramics class. Not quite sure that I deserve it since some of the projects were not finished. I'll have to go in a few weeks from now and see if things dried properly, and maybe patch a few cracks and such. And the car is still full of stuff, and I still have a lot more stuff to drag home.

I'm thinking of whether or not to take another class, whether I should take the regular credit class later in the summer or the non-credit classes in the fall. Unfortunately, the non-credit courses are scheduled for October, and I am usually very busy with club stuff and such in October. The actual class time for non-credit is just a few hours on Saturdays. On the one hand a few hours on Saturdays wouldn't take that much time away from the rest of my life. But on the other hand, a few hours on Saturdays wouldn't be enough time to get many projects done. It is hard to decide which would be better.

While I've been thinking of which class to take, I've been thinking that it would be good to concentrate on making outdoor stuff for a while. I could use some planters and such outside, and I'm running out of shelf space for indoor stuff. And while I'm thinking about that I get this great idea about what I'd like to make, only I can't really do anything about it now. There's no class going on now. But I've got this idea in my head, and I can't shut it off. The ideas just keep bouncing back and forth. I will have no peace til I make the things. I go to clean something or cook something or whatever I want to do, and my brain says "But, what about the planters? Don't you want to go work on the planters now? Don't you at least want to get out some paper and draw what they might look like? Don't you want to take some measurements or something like that?" But no amount of drawing and such seems to make it stop. The brain just will not shut up.

At this rate I will not get any more done this week than I did last week. But hopefully I can get very little done this week without spending as much money as I did last week.


dmarks said...

The weather is the best yet this year. I think it is in the 70s and sunny, with a light pleasant breeze. Not wet and cold.

Killer Rants works again.

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Congrats on the A.

I had a look at Killer Rants when it wasn't working, it looked real interesting so I'll have to go back & try again.

Weather is gorgeous over here, so I've been out a lot.