Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cool. I'm rich

Okay, not really. But I got a check in the mail yesterday. And the check was about nine dollars more than it was supposed to be. I sold a scarf and something else to a friend, and then I went to the post office to send the package, and at the last minute I had a feeling that I should have the package insured for a hundred dollars.

The scarf arrived okay, but the other thing was chipped. But my friend decided to keep the chipped item rather than claim the insurance. Then he sent me the agreed amount for the scarf, and the agreed amount for the postage. And he also sent me the two dollars for the insurance, which he did not need to do since it was just my last minute idea and he did not ask for insurance.

And then he decided to add seven more dollars for my time of driving to the post office, which I wouldn't have asked for, and it isn't even December or April when it is a bit of a hassle to go to the post office. And it's not like I had to drive to Dallas or something to do it. This took all of maybe fifteen minutes to do.

Seven dollars for fifteen minutes work is cool, don't you think? At that rate it would be twenty-eight dollars an hour. What I could do if I had a regular paying job at twenty-eight dollars an hour.

Okay, that's probably not going to happen.

You know, if my friend and I were not good moral people, we could get a little scheme going at the post office. I could insure this thing that I could easily duplicate, and we're pretty sure that if it was damaged the first time around that it would probably get damaged again, and we could just keep sending the thing over and over again until he got a whole one, and then we'd have all this insurance money to collect.

But my friend and I are both good moral people and wouldn't really do that on purpose.

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Mark J Daniels said...

Good morals or not, surely you're entitled - still - to claim on the insurance for the chipped item, whether your friend wants to or not?