Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Blues, weekend getaways, and mammograms

Sorry, I haven't written a Monday Morons post in a long time, and I'm not going to write one today either.
Just now I have noticed that someone found my blog by Googling the words--number one person googled, and another person found my blog by Googling the words--truth about time traveling lottery. I'm sure that by itself is worth a whole post of its own, but I haven't the time for it.

The husband is home this week, and in fact is not scheduled to work at all so should in fact really be at home for the whole week. This sort of situation usually results in a.) little or no work actually getting done, and b.) too much money being spent on lunch and such. With two days off, he did manage to cut the grass for the first time this season, about two or three weeks later than most everyone else, and we have gone out to eat twice and gone shopping for this and that. Not that we bought anything really silly that we didn't need, but at this rate we probably will soon enough.

Earlier he had mentioned that since he had the week off he wanted to go someplace. And I didn't want to spend a lot of money, but there were a few things that he could easily have talked me into. Like Arkansas. It isn't terribly far away and we usually come home with some nice crystals.
I decided to see where he was scheduled to work the next week. Turned out to be Oklahoma, and while going to Oklahoma isn't a really big deal anymore, I started to think about what we might do there next week instead of spending a lot of money to go someplace else this week. And I soon figured out that if we were to leave on Sunday rather than Tuesday we could go to a ren faire in Muskogee on Memorial Day. Wonderful. We both like ren faires, and we've never been to this one. The last one we went to in Tyler wasn't that great, but it wasn't a terribly expensive trip and I did very much enjoy the time we spent in Tyler.

So I start adding up the money we'd have to spend. We'd need to stay two extra nights at a motel, but to go anywhere else we'd need at least three or four nights just for a short trip not too far away. And we'd have to buy gas, but he's going to have to buy gas to go to Oklahoma anyway, so we might as well buy a little more. Going anywhere else this week would also mean buying gas, but we won't be getting any of that money back. We'll have to buy tickets to the ren faire, and we'll have to spend money on food, but we usually end up spending too much money on food anyway. And unlike most of these little trips I go on with my husband, he'll only be working for three days, so I wouldn't be stuck in the motel room knitting or something for five days straight.

So going to Muskogee was starting to really sound like a good idea. But then I was looking at the calendar, and I remembered that I have a mammogram scheduled for that Friday. Damn. So either I have to cancel the whole thing, or I have to get home by bus or something on Thursday. So now I'm not sure what to do, and my husband is starting to go off the idea. Bummer.

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Dame Honoria Glossop said...

I had to google ren faire, they look great! They sometimes have re-enactments or performances at Skipton Castle which is not too far from here.

Certainly sounds a lot more fun than a mammogram.