Thursday, May 15, 2008


No, I'm not going to do a Freaky Friday post today. I haven't in a very long time. I've had more important things to do, and in fact I've been so busy that for several weeks I didn't even look at the tracking stuff. But this week I started looking at it again, and yesterday I saw the oddest search. Someone found me by Googling pelvic exam Christian. So I had to have a look at that.

Mostly, that search would lead one to stuff about pelvic exams being done to or by someone named Christian. About sixth on that search is my blog for the month of March, during which time I had to get a pelvic exam and was complaining about them in general, and at some point in another post that month there was some mention of Christian which I don't really remember.
But then there was one other post from a girl who had just used the abortion pill and something went wrong with it. So then the search quit being funny and I stopped reading.

I stayed home this week. Five days here at the house, by myself. The idea was to get some work done and not spend money trying to have a nice lunch in the middle of nowhere. To get some work done, one has to do Yuck.

The first day I did not get much done, and the second day I tried to get some gardening done but didn't really feel up to much of that. So with half of my week to myself now gone, it's time to do some actual cleaning and sorting and such.

So it's really sad that when I actually put some serious effort into it, four large garbage bags later I don't seem to have done anything that was worth all of that work. I know that I spent hours cleaning. I know that I threw a lot of junk away. With four bags of trash outside, shouldn't there be visible evidence of that inside? With four bags less stuff, shouldn't there be four empty places, or four clean and almost empty places, or at least four places that look neat and orderly?

But it doesn't look that way. At least, not much. Before I had way too much stuff in the bedroom, and now I have a lot of stuff in the bedroom that's been rearranged a bit.
The only real progress that I have to report is that there is no longer Halloween stuff stacked in the hallway. Remember that the goal was to have the Halloween stuff put away before Christmas. So that's like five months behind schedule. The Halloween stuff that was stacked in the hallway is now...stacked somewhere else. But at least it isn't in the hallway.

Not doing as much work today as yesterday. It is always a bit disappointing to know that after one has done a lot of work to say get done with the laundry, or the weeding, or cutting the grass or something like that, that after all of the work is done that it is just going to be needed to be done all over again in a week or two. But that's life, and you get used to the idea, but this is a bit more depressing to do all of that work and not really being able to see anything for the effort. So I'm less than encouraged to do even more work now. But there's plenty of hours left in the day, so I might change my mind and have another go at it later. This is my last night by myself, so I should try to do something with the time.

So far my husband isn't scheduled to work any next week. He wants to go somewhere. Unfortunately, business has been bad, gas is expensive, and we probably shouldn't spend enough money to go anywhere interesting. He wants to go to Colorado, since we have never been there. Two years ago we went to someplace in Mississippi, and that turned out to be a nice trip, but I really don't want to go there again. Another time we went to Hot Springs and dug up some crystals, and he's mentioned doing that again. Arkansas is not that far away, and I like crystals, so I think that it would not take too much to convince me to do that.

Maybe if we got some work done. Maybe if we got three or four rooms clean all at the same time we should reward ourselves with a trip to Hot Springs. Maybe.

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Purple Pigeon said...

I know what you mean about having a week to yourself. You think ''Yay, all the stuff I'll get done!'' but then you find youself mooched in front of the TV, totally demotivated. I often say stuff like ''I'll start doing stuff after I've tidied my room'' but like you said, jobs like tidying, washing and cleaning are never 'done' for long. At the moment I try and leave that stuff for just one day, like a day at the weekend, so that the other days i can not worry about it and do what I'm supposed to. Well, thats the plan, anyway. Often it just leaves more time for channel hopping daytime tv!