Sunday, May 25, 2008

I think that I have finally decided to stay home this week

I keep changing my mind. I wanted to go to Oklahoma with my husband, and I wanted to leave a couple of days early so that we could go to a ren fest there. Last week when I found out his schedule, it all seemed like a good idea, but then I remembered that I have a mammogram scheduled for that Friday and my husband will not be coming home til the following Sunday. I decided that I can't just skip the mammogram, but I was considering going on part of the trip and then taking a bus home on Thursday. My husband seems to have thought that I'd already decided not to go and had made plans around me not going. Not that I'm upset about that, but I guess that means he wasn't that into the idea of us going to the ren fest. Not that we couldn't go to another ren fest right here that same day if we wanted to, and we haven't made plans to do so, it just seemed like a good idea to go to the one in Oklahoma. I don't think that we have enough money to spend on making special trips to go to them when they're out of town, and this is the first time that he's been scheduled to work in that part of Oklahoma at the right time of the year to go to this one.

Anyway, we're probably not going to the Oklahoma ren fest because I have this damned mammogram scheduled, and we're probably not going to the one here either. Just not that excited about the idea of it at the moment. Now that I'm not going out of town I have no special plans for Memorial Day weekend. Not that I ever have special plans for that weekend. Memorial Day is one of those weird Monday holidays that I forget about until I try to get into the library or something like that. We don't do anything. Often it isn't even a holiday for us. Neither of us works in a bank or anything. When I have a job it is usually retail, or maybe a movie theater or food service. Not a holiday for those jobs. The only reason my husband has the day off is that it's assumed that all of his potential customers have plans for the day.

In any case, he's had the whole week off already, and we haven't done anything that special. We went to see the Indiana Jones movie, and we went to see some other movie, and basically we've run some errands and gone to lunch and such and haven't really gotten much of anything done. We helped my brother out with something Wednesday, but other than that, not much. Made a dent in the work last week, so I imagined that since he was home we'd be doing a lot of work this week, but no. Thursday we went to Fort Worth to run some errands, but other than that it seems like he's spent a lot of his time in here blogging and such. So for the most part it has been a pretty boring week.

Sorry. I have been corrected. While I have done nothing, the husband has washed some of the dishes. And of course I didn't notice because I haven't gone anywhere near the kitchen this week.

Anyway, I'm imagining that I will get all kinds of work done next week after he leaves, but now I realize that probably won't be the case either. For one thing, he isn't working a full week, which was one of the reasons I wanted to go on this particular trip. He won't be leaving til Tuesday. I rarely get much done that first day, so I don't picture getting a whole lot done on Tuesday. I will try to work on Wednesday and Thursday, but it usually takes me a while to really get into it. I won't get anything done on Friday, cause that is when I have that damned mammogram. While I don't expect for it to take up that much of my actual time, I just don't picture myself being that useful for the rest of the day. And then it will be Saturday, and I probably won't get that much done then either. I'll probably get some work done, and then I'll wait around for him to call and tell me if he's coming home that night or if he's too tired and will be staying over and coming home Sunday. He rarely says that, but if he even when he does I've already planned the day as if he was coming home Saturday night, and at that point it's very unlikely that I will start getting out things to work on after I've probably spent a couple of hours putting everything away.

So while I've been consoling myself that while I don't get to go out of town at least I'll be home all week and probably get a lot of work done, I've just now realized that except for Thursday and possibly Wednesday I probably won't get any work done that I wouldn't get done on any other normal day.

Nothing keeping me from doing laundry or getting work done in the garden and such this weekend. Just tradition to be lazy I suppose.

We go to lunch and run a few errands and such, and then we don't do much. I should think of something that needs to be done that I'd really need his help for, but nothing comes to mind. No two person jobs that I can think of. Most of it is the other way, with the idea of two of us trying to clean something or even work in the same room never quite working out as we'd just get in each other's way. There are exceptions to that, mainly in the garden, but it is to hot to do much serious gardening.

But we do go out to lunch. In theory this is because we have nothing to eat, but it is more because we haven't done enough about cleaning the kitchen. Over the last few days we have been to several stores to buy food, but much of this was not regular food, but more stuff that goes with food. We have bought sodas and chips and mustard and olives and that sort of thing. So while we have gone out and come back with bags from the grocery store and even made a special trip to a couple of stores that aren't near home and we don't normally go to, somehow when it is time for lunch we still can't come up with anything to eat. So we have been to at least one restaurant everyday this last week.

Most of Saturday I felt sick. I haven't felt especially good most of the week, but most of Saturday I felt pretty bad. And I think this is because I'm getting old, and it is hot outside. I feel bad for no other reason that it is hot outside. Not that I'm spending that much time outside, other than the daily stuff that I do in the garden such as watering, which is mostly in the morning. And it isn't really hot yet. Technically, this isn't even summer yet. I don't think that it was even 95 yet, and I'm complaining about the heat. I must be just getting old. The heat has only really bothered me these last few years. It is usually the cold that I cannot stand. I'm still really sensitive to the cold. I take a sweater with me nearly everywhere even now, as I get uncomfortable in an air conditioned room of 70 degrees. So it isn't that my preferences switched to liking cold weather, just that I no longer enjoy the warm weather either. Unfortunately there isn't much of a cure for this. Unless I win the lottery and become a snowbird I'm just stuck with it.

My brother bought something for cooking outdoors, and Wednesday he bought another one. They both look very similar to me, but apparently one is for smoking while the other is better for grilling. So we are all going over Monday for lunch to have hotdogs and hamburgers and such. And that is the end of the big holiday plans, and I expect to spend the rest of the day in bed watching DVDs.

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dmarks said...

Almost 95 and it still isn't summer. You live in a frying-pan.