Saturday, September 06, 2008

Halloween fun for my readers up north

I have already written about how I miss old haunted houses and how today's stuff just isn't the same, so here is the old post, because I don't think many people got to read it the first time.

Anyway, it's too bad this haunted cemetery isn't around here. A new reader (or perhaps, a one time reader) sent me this link to Brandywine Cemetery. I wish that I could visit it. It is in Ann Arbor, so maybe one of my readers will get to see it. I suppose even if I did get to see it I wouldn't be able to enjoy it. It is too cold for me in the great white north.

I doubt that I will do much this year as far as haunted houses go. After the accident last year and Kansas City's Chamber's of Edgar Allen Poe, I'm not sure that I want to tempt fate again. I really don't like falling and getting hurt. I worry that the next time I it will be very bad and I will break something and be stuck in bed for weeks or even months. And it would be especially bad to be stuck in bed for months right before Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Still, with The Boneyard being practically down the street, it will be hard to stay away.

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dmarks said...

That does look pretty good. It is in reach of some Ohio readers too, I am sure. Also of interest is the Ghost Ship (scroll down in the page for the mention)