Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Morons--You think that he's a good kid?

Well, Monday Morons used to be a regular feature around here, since there seems to be an endless supply of morons, and also Mondays seem to come around once a week or so. And then it became a matter of deciding which particular moron to write about that particular week, and sometimes saving a story til the next week when I had more time to write about it, or maybe writing about it on a different day entirely and just waiting til Monday to post it. And then for a while there were still morons, just that they were your average boring morons and not really worth writing about. And then sometimes a person gets busy with other things and doesn't really have the time to blog about much at all.

So I have been skipping over the Monday Morons for a long time. And then I wrote a few. And then I had several things that I wanted to write about, but I didn't write them down at the time, cause I was busy cleaning or something, and then they slipped my mind entirely. They seemed worth writing about at the time, but now I have forgotten them. And then last week there were three or four things that I thought I could write about, but they were minor things really. So when Saturday came and I heard about the violin a** woman, I had to write about that, because the violin a** woman pretty much trumps everything else except maybe the Homewrecking-Slut, so of course I had to write about the violin a** woman last week.

So those other things, whatever the were, have slipped my mind now. Like I said, mostly they were minor things. But there was this other thing, maybe not so minor, from a while back, so I'll post it today. And yes, I know that if you recognize which news story I'm referring to that it is a bit old as far as news stories go, but rest of it I only heard about a couple of weeks back.

Maybe a month or two ago, a couple of teenagers (or maybe guys in their early twenties) broke into someone's home. The couple that lived there had children, two boys I think. And the woman woke up while the teenagers were robbing them, and she fought with them, and then that woke up her husband, who also came into the room and fought with them. One of the teenagers had a gun, and the husband got the gun away from the teenagers and shot them. One of the teenagers died at the scene, and I can't remember if the other teenager died later or lived.

Now, maybe you're not supposed to do a dance when you hear that someone has died, but really, that's what most of us are thinking, isn't it? They got what they deserved. And there are two less thugs that we had to worry about breaking into our homes. And maybe the other little thugs will get a clue and stay in school and get real jobs, etc....

I think that the main downside to a father killing two thugs that broke into his home is that the man will have to deal with the police and the courts and such for a while before it is official that the father shot the teenagers in self-defense, and that maybe he will have nightmares and such, and his wife was there and she'll have nightmares and such, and if the kids were awake they might have seen it and even if they didn't they will probably have nightmares and such. So maybe the whole family will be in therapy for a while, and they might lose some time at work and so forth. In some ways it might be easier on the family if the thugs had gotten away.

But I don't feel much sympathy for the teenagers who were shot. They got what they deserved. They broke into someone else's home to steal a television and such, and they could have just gotten regular jobs and bought their own televisions and such. And not only did they plan to steal someone else's television, they came prepared to shoot someone to get it. The gene pool is better off without them.

Now I know that everyone has a mom and dad, and that the little thugs both had moms and dads, and the moms and dads are hurting. I don't know if these were bad kids because they had bad parents, or if the parents were near perfect people and the boys were total mutations. But the boys did something bad, and they got shot, and you don't really feel for their families the way that you do for families of soldiers killed in Iraq and people who get shot minding their own business at a convenience store that gets robbed, etc....

Somebody feels for these people. Somebody went to the funeral and held mom's hand and said sorry for your loss and all of that. Somebody did all the things that you would do if it were someone who got shot while fighting in Iraq or minding their own business and shot by a robber. Somebody took the family ham and potato salad and listened to them cry, etc....

So maybe it was the parents fault, and maybe it wasn't. But it was definitely the teenagers own fault that they were killed. If you break into someone's home, you are supposed to get shot, or you are supposed to get caught and spend years in jail. That doesn't usually happen, but that is what is supposed to happen.

My husband the photographer is not the perfect person, but I am really surprised at some of the people who are hired to work with him. Once in a while, someone asks him if he wants to go have a beer after work. My husband doesn't drink, I'll say that much for him. But I'm really surprised that there are all these people who get hired to do this job, and then they want to go hang out at bars after work. It just doesn't seem like some of them would have a good image and would make the company look bad to the potential customers, though sometimes I suppose that they end up going to the bars and such with the potential customers. But for the most part, I am surprised to hear some of the details of these people's personal lives. Still, if you keep that sort of thing to yourself, and don't openly present yourself as the sort of person who hangs out at a bar, and you wear the dress code and don't talk about hanging out at bars to people who don't bring up the subject themselves, then it might work out okay.

Anyway, one of the sales staff knew one of the teenagers who was shot and killed while trying to rob from this family. And so she's a salesperson, and she works on commission, and my husband also works on commission, but it is up to her to actually get the sales. So part of the job is to have pleasant small talk with people and act like one of them and act like you're a person who deserves a paycheck so that the customers will spend some of their hard earned money. If you act like a low-life and talk about inappropriate things and such, people spend less money. And right now, they are not spending a lot of money to begin with.

So this salesperson has to tell absolutely everyone she sees that she knew one of the little thugs who was killed. But she goes on and on about how he was a good boy and he didn't deserve to get killed, and that he was friends with her boy, and it just isn't right that he's dead. So no one wants to talk to this salesperson, and if they were going to buy anything they don't want to buy anything from her. And for all I know she is telling this nonsense to people who have lost loved ones in Iraq or have known people shot in convenience stores or even people who were shot in their own homes buy little thugs stealing televisions.

Shut up already!

He was not a good boy. At least, at the time he was shot he wasn't. Either he was just a bad kid, or maybe the other one was just a bad kid and this one got talked into doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing. But unless he was an undercover cop or someone was making him do this by holding a gun to his girlfriend's head or something like that, he wasn't some innocent bystander and he deserved to get shot. For all I know he was just a bad kid, and the other kid was mostly a good guy until that night when he was persuaded to steal a television set. For all I know the other kid got shot only because he listened to this one.

She just doesn't seem to get it. I don't see how she doesn't get it in the first place, but what I really don't understand is why she keeps telling this to people after she saw what happened the first few times she told this story. So she doesn't have any sales to speak of, and my husband comes home with half a paycheck.

And the next day, she is still at it, telling everyone how this boy was friends with her boy, and that they are just the same, and it isn't fair that he got shot. So if the salesperson is right, and the boy who was shot was just the same as her boy, seems like her boy must be a little thug too. And no one really wants to be around the mother of a little thug. And she really doesn't seem to get it, that if her kid is not a little thug that he's probably hanging out with thugs and that if her boy wants to hang out with thugs that he'll eventually be doing this sort of thing himself if he isn't already.

So maybe she should quit telling this nonsense to everyone she meets and find out what is going on with her own kid. And if talking to people about this stuff is more important than earning a living, could she maybe just stay home and talk about it with someone else who shares her opinion and not screw up my husband's paycheck?


dmarks said...

The nastiest thugs have mothers, girlfriends, and wives who love them. More often than not, it seems that these women support the thugs and downplay what the thugs do.

To some degree, it reminds me of the politicians wives (Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Kwame Kilpatrick for example) who stand by their husbands during their press conferences and all that when their husbands are admitting that they committed adultery.

As for those teenagers, nobody forced them to break into someone's house. The violent situation that was created through home invasion was 100% their fault, as are the consequences of it. And being armed like they were is definitely an assaultive situation.

The victims of the home invasion probably did or would not get harassed much. It looks like Texas has a version of the "castle law" (click here to read of it)

laughingattheslut said...

I don't expect that the victims got harassed, but it is still unpleasant to have the police around and answer questions and such.

We have never really had to worry about going to jail for killing someone who breaks into your home. But the new law puts an end to over thirty years of debating about whether or not you should drag dead bodies from the front lawn back into the house. And also we don't have to shoot them again to make sure that the bodies are actually dead, cause if the guy isn't actually dead he might recover and try to sue you.

bulletholes said...

Well, thats moronicity for you.
I think the most moronic thing that happened here was that the little thug actually lost possession of the shotgun. it takes a real moron to do that, because then you have lost control of your attempted armed robeery, which only deepens the lunacy/moron factor by about 10x and puts everyone in danger, from there what you have is a real wang-dang-doodle, and deserve whatever happens to you.

Hi Laughing!