Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Morons--Update on the violin a** woman

Okay, the original posts about the people involved were more than a year ago, so you probably don't remember. I wrote a post about a former friend being stupid and leaving his wife and getting involved with the violin a** woman. And then a few months later I wrote another post that I heard they had gotten married.

Anyway, this former friend was not only was seeing other women before the divorce from the woman he was married to for thirty years, but he also gave a lot of their money away without her permission and ran up a lot of debt and took out a second mortgage on the house supposedly to pay for repairs on the roof, etc.... So I'm not sure what should have been done about that, but nothing was done about it at all. And in case like this in Texas, the woman should have received the house and/or three years alimony, but somehow she didn't even get that and has had to go through all sorts of nonsense just to continue living in her own home. Supposedly, she owes him a bit of money or she doesn't get the house.

The younger woman he was with had to get married right away or be deported, so you would think that the first wife should have been able to get a better deal than that just so that he would be free to remarry. But that didn't happen either.

So the younger woman married the former friend. And the former friend had some photos taken of her, some of which involved her being nude and holding a violin in her a**. And the wedding was two days after the divorce, which is not legal in Texas, and I'm told that they did not bother having the ceremony in another state to make it legal.

The best friend of the violin a** woman had a fight with her and told everyone that she only got married to so that she could stay in the United States, which was what we thought anyway. And then she told her boyfriend that violin a** woman was planning to get pregnant, and that she didn't think that her older husband was up to the task, so she was going to get someone else to do it. So that we didn't know, but the friend's boyfriend told us about it.

This weekend I was told that the former friend and the violin a** woman were splitting up. We don't know if he caught her with another man, or if he just decided that she was no good in general, or if she decided that she didn't need him to stay in the country and just dumped him.

So we don't know the details, but we expect to hear them eventually from the son or the friend's boyfriend. Whatever the reason, we think it's a good thing, cause neither one of them deserves to be married and happy and so forth. Unfortunately, this doesn't do anything to help the first wife with her house and her bills and such, but at least the idiot new wife won't be calling her anymore saying she owes them money.


dmarks said...

For this post, I am mostly glad that you usually do not illustrate your posts. I'm pretty sure I do not want to see Miss. Fiddle-Fanny.

A lot of others probably disagree though.

laughingattheslut said...

At one point the picture was on the net, but not on my blog. The former friend found it and complained until the picture was removed. I never actually saw it.

Unfortunately, there are so many weirdos out there that Google was no help in finding that particular picture.

Mark J Daniels said...

She was holding a violin in her backside? Just how big is this girl's butt??

laughingattheslut said...

I have no idea how big the bitch's butt is. I have never met her, and I have not been around the former friend since I learned that any of this was going on. The picture was described to me, and that somehow she was squatting down and pretending to play the violin, but that she was in some way partly holding the violin with her a**. The images that come into my mind are not pleasant ones, so I suppose it is just as well that I did not locate the picture.

bulletholes said...