Friday, September 26, 2008

The money sucks

We are broke. We are usually broke it seems, but this week is especially bad. Lately we have looked at the bills and decided that this and that credit card will just have to wait so that we can pay the insurance and the cars and the rent and maybe the one or two credit cards that we are still actually using. He gets paid every two weeks, which isn't exactly the same as getting paid twice a month, so every now and then it happens that all of the major bills come due on during the one of the two week periods instead of being equally divided between the two. And I think that has happened this week, as we do not normally pay for both cars out of the same paycheck, and we do not normally pay both the rent and the car insurance out of the same paycheck.

Well, we're going to end up paying the rent out of the next check. There are a few days grace, so we're going to use them. Today I am going to go and write a check for my car, which will take up the rest of the money in that account. That won't leave us anything else for a whole week. If we so much as go to a taco place we will be over the limit and start paying fees and such.

That sucks.

I have always found it more difficult to deal with the paychecks that come every other week instead of every week. It should not be this difficult. It would still be the same amount of money divided up differently. It's not like getting paid every week instead of every other week would actually add up to more money. But somehow it did seem easier to deal with when something happened and we only had to wait til the end of the week to fix it instead of the end of next week to fix it.

The other thing is that sales are down, and whether the sales are good or bad I don't really have a clue how much is coming in. When I was in sales too, I figured out how much the sales would mean to my paycheck. It's not something that you can figure out to the last dime, because there are always cancellations and such that get figured in that I don't know about until I get the check, but other than that I could make a pretty good guess as to how much was coming in. I could look at the check and know whether or not I should call the office and complain that I had earned more than that. I knew which weeks we would have extra money to do stuff and which weeks we wouldn't. But it isn't my job now and it isn't my paycheck, and he either tells me that it's going to be another bad week or maybe it's been a good week, but I never really know what that means until the check is deposited.

While I had wanted to get a job in a month or so, I would rather wait to get a job that I would like to keep for a while. Right now it looks like I should get a job even if I have to ask would you like fries with that? I really have not wanted to do that. Besides the obvious, I didn't want to do that because I figure that when I finally find something that I really want to do that I didn't want to go into the interview with an application that says my current or last job was something normally done by teenagers. Most of the time I'd rather explain that I took time off to go back to school or that my husband has to travel a lot for his job and that the reason I don't have my own job is that I usually travel with him. But now I think I need to take that out of the equation and just take any job that will at least pay for my car while I look for something else.

So it all sucks. I'm really glad that I didn't decide to take regular college classes this semester. Saturday is about all that I can handle right now. And I'm glad that I didn't plan to enter any costume contests next month either, cause if I did right now I'd probably be sitting here with a half-finished costume and crying about not having the money to finish it.

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