Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stuff I found while cleaning

The best thing that I found a few weeks ago was "my book." But that was a few weeks ago, and I brought it in here, and I've already misplaced it somewhere. But I'm pretty sure that it is here someplace, and about a month ago I had thought that there were no surviving copies of the thing. So that's good that there is one left, and it is good that it is probably somewhere in this room where I can find it later.

This week I found some other stuff. I found a short story that I thought was gone. I think that it's pretty good. I read it and I'm thinking, I used to be good at this, why did I let all this other stuff happen that caused me to stop writing this stuff? It's dated. I don't think that anyone would want it now, but it's good.

Also, I found a rejection letter from Omni magazine. I think that I must have sent them this story, but then I think that I must have written this about 1993 or so, and that seems a bit late for sending things to Omni magazine. So maybe I sent something else to Omni, but I can't think of what. I don't remember finishing anything else that would have been appropriate for them.

I found a bumper sticker for Star Trek 5. This is really funny that I have a bumper sticker for Star Trek 5. I don't like Star Trek 5 that much. Most of us don't. That is probably most fan's least favorite Star Trek movie, though some would pick 1 or 7 or 9 or even 10. But it's universally agreed that Star Trek 5 is just not anyone's favorite movie.

I found a teaser and two acts of a script I started writing for Deep Space Nine. I'd forgotten about it. I remember having a good idea for a story, but I'd forgotten that I'd actually gotten as far as starting to write a script, much less that I wrote half of it before putting it away. I wonder what did make me put it away?

We have just finished eating the last of the candy I stocked up on after Halloween last year. Now I've found a bit that must have been from the year before last. I think it will just have to go in the trash.

I've found stuff from conventions I went to in 1994. 1994 was a good year. Nigel Bennett threatened to bite me.

I've found several dead mice. Two of them recent.

And I've just found out that my toaster no longer works. I guess that they aren't supposed to work forever, but it was a surprise anyway.


bulletholes said...

Yeah, they like lose all their free electrons or something.

In 1988 I found an "AuH2O for President" Bumper Sticker in with my dads stuff. Threw it away, like a dummy.

Hi Laughing!

laughingattheslut said...

If course the toaster just had to go out this week when we have no money, none whatsoever, and cannot go out and buy a new one. And since we were supposed to try and be good and save money and eat stuff at home, I bought a few things like poptarts. So now we can't cook the poptarts or make toast for sandwiches and so forth unless I want to bother with the oven, which I do not.

So now I'm just really wanting a properly cooked poptart, which last week was no big deal and I didn't really want them.

dmarks said...

Poptarts are so nice when crunchy and toasted....but we are kind of weird and can go months without using the toaster at all. That's not normal: most people toast a lot.

laughingattheslut said...

We aren't overly impressed with toast either. I think that most people have it with breakfast, but I tend to skip the bread part at breakfast (when I'm not just having a poptart) or maybe skip the entire breakfast, and he usually prefers tortillas if we are having a regular breakfast. But I was going to try to be good on the spending bit, and I bought those poptarts and also the usual bread and a jar of peanut butter. And then he was hungry and not wanting whatever I had, or it wasn't enough for him, and if he can't cook something himself he'll have to do with peanut butter. And then for some reason he decided that peanut butter was better on toast, and then the toaster didn't work, but it had worked just fine the day before. But except for that we can usually go weeks not noticing the toaster at all, except for when I am being lazy and we are eating poptarts.

I am an adult, and I do realize that for the most part they are just sugar, but I still have my days when I would rather just stay in bed, and eating the mostly sugar is still probably better for me than eating nothing, so I have them around anyway.

dmarks said...

Tortillas for breakfast? How does that work?

Pizza pop-tarts are good. So I hear.