Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can I just go back to bed now?

It is more than halfway through the month of October, and the weather is starting to get a bit cool. Not much yet, but this week if you get up early enough or stay up late enough, you do notice a bit of a chill. Last night this led to my husband saying he was cold and getting up to turn off the air conditioner. That just never happens, ever. Weird.

So that was just too weird for me, and I soon got up to turn on the fan. Not the air conditioner itself, but just the box fan. Perhaps even that was a mistake, but I've got used to the background noise and find it hard to sleep without that and some means of having air circulate in the room. Anyway, I had not noticed the chill when I went to bed, but maybe my husband had since he had more recently been outdoors. But I did notice the chill just a bit when I woke up.

And then I found a mouse in the trash can. It was still very much alive, so I took it outside and released it. Finding live healthy ones that are trapped somehow and can be taken outside is a much more pleasant experience than cleaning up after the three dead ones I found earlier this week.

It was a bit on the cool side, and I had to take a moment to find a sweater before I went out. Having done my good deed for the day, I should like to just go back to bed. But I'm afraid that I am much too awake now to go back to sleep, so the going back to bed would just be to have a warm place to watch TV. And I cannot watch TV in bed at the moment, as my husband is still in the bed, and he is also still very much asleep.

Sad news. Last night, I again did not win the lottery. This is getting old. So I should expect the rest of the usual problems to continue for a bit.

I think that I'm going to try going back to bed anyway.


dmarks said...

Sounds like a bit of a mouse-plague going on. Anyway, if you are going to have to find a live mouse in the house, I guess the trash can is the best place, isn't it?

bulletholes said...

Somebody's gotta happens all the time.