Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Morons--I don't want to be warned that I'm going to be hurt

My mom's church did the whole Judgment House thing last year. It isn't quite the same as hell house. Not that I've even been to a hell house, but I've seen a lot of stuff about it on TV, and they have scary scenes of mostly real life stuff, about drug addiction and abortion clinics and terrorist attacks and school shootings. Some of the hell houses have a lot of blood and gore, so that they look a lot like more traditional haunted houses. Judgment House is more of a play, with the scary "this could happen to you" type message.

So last year was their first year, and they did Collision, and I watched it and they did a very good job. This story follows three teenagers who die in a car crash, and then at the end we see who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. The scene of hell turned out to be really excellent, and not quite what I expected. The rest of the scenes were really impressive too. I wonder how much they spent on the sets and how they got some of the props. In the actual car crash scene there are two crashed cars, and I imagine that crashed cars are plentiful and you could easily borrow a few. And then there were police cars, and I suppose if you had to that you could make a fake police car by putting decals and lights on a regular car. But they also had an ambulance, and for the ambulance you pretty much have to have a real ambulance, so I'm wondering how they got one.

So I checked to see if they were going to do it again, and this years story is called 59 Minutes. I imagine that all of the stories follow a few characters to see how they end up, and that the last two scenes are hell and heaven, but I don't know that for sure. So I tried to follow the link to YouTube to watch a trailer of 59 Minutes. That didn't work as well as I'd hoped, but YouTube has other videos about Judgment House, and I watched a few of them and looked at a couple of hell scenes. I'm sure that the actual hell scenes were good to watch in person, but the video quality of most of them wasn't so good.

Anyway, there comments after one of the hell scene videos, and most of the people leaving comments were not very nice. And they wanted to know if Christians really believed this stuff and said how it wasn't very nice to try to scare people like that. And one person left a comment that yes we do really believe this stuff and that since hell is a real thing we would try just about anything to warn other people about it.

The next comment was something like--rape is a real thing, but I wouldn't want someone to say follow me or you'll get raped.

And I thought that this was just the most stupid thing to say. If I was about to get raped, and someone came to warn me about it, I would just be so happy to follow this person away from the dangerous situation. The last thing that I would do would be complain that someone is trying to scare me.

And then I realized that there are millions of girls who do exactly that every weekend. They are constantly being warned not to go to parties with older boys, and not to meet up with guys that they've met on the Internet, and to stay in very public places when you do meet someone, and don't get in a car with someone you've just met, etc....

About 1 out of every 3 girls will eventually be raped, but some of us just seem to want to get it out of the way early. Like I don't know why any sane woman would go to a frat party. I don't know why so many woman accept drinks from strangers. And I don't know why any woman would go try to find someplace more private with a guy that she just met.

But I know that a lot of people do all this stuff, because I've seen it on TV. Not just fictional TV either. I've watched men on hidden camera encourage a guy who said that he was going to have sex with a certain woman, even if he had to drug her, and then they watched while he put something in her drink and after that walk away with this woman who obviously wasn't well. And I watched another guy give dozens of drinks to women that did not know him, and afterwards when he told them that he was doing a TV program to see how many women he could trick into taking a drink that might have been drugged. All but one of the women got mad at him and were embarrassed that they were going to be part of this TV show, instead of being glad that someone had warned them that they were doing something unsafe.

And on another show we watched the chemistry students going to a party and handing out something that would warn girls that there might be something in their soda or beer that wasn't soda or beer. And they also had some test to see if the pill that was supposed to be Ecstasy might be something else. It's bad enough to take Ecstasy, but you certainly don't want to be taking a pill that is something other than that. And while we watched, someone brought over a pill and the test proved that there was something in the pill other than Ecstasy. And while we watched, the girl decided that since she had already spent the money that she was going to take the pill anyway. How stupid is that? The test can't tell you what is in the pill, just that it isn't Ecstasy. It could a sugar pill and do nothing, or it could be a cold pill and make you sleepy for the rest of the party, or it could be a very serious addictive illegal drug, or it could even be rat poison. You just can't imagine that anyone would do something so stupid, but there she was, on camera, doing exactly that.

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