Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gas is 2.27!

We bought gas today, and it was 2.27 a gallon. Still not quite what it was two years ago, but, wow, 2.27!

And it wasn't like we just got really lucky, cause on the way home we saw at least four other places where gas was 2.27 a gallon. The price of gas is not something that I really keep up with, and I'm never that person who waits in line for a hour to get a good deal on gas, even though I will get up an hour early to go to a sale to get a good deal on just about anything else. But, really, 2.27 a gallon!


Did I mention that I saw a bunch of places that had gas for 2.27 a gallon?

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled nonsense.


dmarks said...

Now it happens. After the cross-country trip in a 9-mpg vehicle.

bulletholes said...

They're just messin' with us.

laughingattheslut said...

It will help somewhat going to Tulsa, but not enough to have a Christmas shopping spree or anything like that.