Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Maybe not the brightest bulb

This is just a bit too late to count as Monday Morons, but I don't want to wait til next week to write it.

Okay, so I've just heard that someone I know auditioned for a certain show called America's Got Talent.

I'm sitting here scratching my head, cause as far as I know, this particular individual doesn't have any talent. Or, at least, she doesn't have any talent that I am aware of, and I just can't picture her having any talent that she would want to do on stage in front of people.

Anyway, I don't watch American Idol and all of that stuff, and I don't know much about America's Got Talent. I know on American Idol there's this part early in the show where they let complete idiots perform so that the judges can make fun of them. Is there something like that on America's Got Talent? Is this person I know going to be made fun of in front of millions of TV viewers? Is it maybe like The Gong Show?

I think that if I refer to this person as Miss H, one of my readers might recall who it is. She is not attractive in any way. She's overweight and has bad skin. She lacks social skills, and she's lost jobs because of that and other complaints that I won't mention at the moment. If you take her aside and say that you didn't want to embarrass her in front of the others...but maybe she didn't know she should...and then she shrugs and says that she's been told that before, and she never seems to do anything about it.

So, Miss H doesn't have a lot of friends, but so far as I know it's just that people don't like her. I don't know of her deliberately hurting anyone or anything like that, so I can't imagine that we would ask her to go away, just cause some of us don't like her much. And there are several other people that don't seem very popular either, and they hang out with her, so that works out.

I still cannot picture what she would do for a talent contest. She might have some talent. She might bake or sew or write or do some sort of art, but you usually don't do any of that in a talent show.

Maybe she has a comedy routine? She did this one thing that was just fall down on your butt laughing funny. But that one time the thing that made it really funny was when this other person we just happened to meet backstage came in at the end of her routine and pretended to strangle her. Without the other person, it just wasn't that funny. I've always wondered would she have done this same routine without the funny ending if she hadn't met the other person.

Without the other person, it would have been more of they're laughing at you, not with you.

I don't get why these people do this sort of thing to themselves. Do they not know how they look? Did grandma tell them twenty years ago that they were just wonderful singers and just no one has had the heart to tell them she was lying?

America's Got Talent? Is she crazy?


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

It'll be interesting to see how she does.

Ananda girl said...

Yes she is crazy. I can't imagine anyone wanting to put themselves through that! Talented or not.

I don't watch those shows for two reasons. First, because they are cheap filler that require very little effort on the part of the producers. Secondly, because I don't care for the mean game... how badly can we slam this fool is generally not appealing to me. It's shallow and petty.

However, it sounds like perhaps this individual may need slapping around.

dmarks said...

I've never watched "Idol" yet, and don't intend to. To me, it is a hole in Fox's schedule. Yet, even though I have never seen it, I can name two of the panelists, and several singers.

Ananda girl said...

Here's a scary true confession... I actually met Sanjaya a few times and know his aunt fairly well. He is a sweet person in real life.

dmarks said...

His is one of the few names I know. But I have no idea what he sounds like. That's probably good.

laughingattheslut said...

I was once really into Survivor, but I never really got into the other reality shows.

We were watching one of the morning programs (don't remember which one or which network), and Ron Perlman and an actress were on to promote upcoming movies they were in. And then they had a bit of time to kill, and the guy interviewing them asked who they thought would win Survivor or American Idol or whatever they had been talking about in the previous segment. And the actress just said that she didn't have a favorite or she hadn't had time to keep up.

Ron said he was boycotting all reality tv shows, because it took jobs away from actors.

And I hadn't really thought about it that way. Of course, it does provide work for cameramen and such, but probably there would have been just as many jobs for them if the network had decided to buy a drama or comedy or something that required actors.

I keep thinking that I'm going to boycott Survivor, but somehow I usually end up watching it anyway. Not so much that I would be joining Ron's boycott of tv shows that do not hire actors, but just because I've noticed some things in the show that aren't handled very well. Like I've seen a couple of things that I would just call sexual harassment, which ended up with the woman leaving the show and nothing being done about the guy who caused the problem. And then there's safety stuff that I have a problem with, and since it isn't a show about really trying to survive the wilderness, I don't see why they can't provide people with proper athletic gear. But they get better ratings if someone's bikini falls off and someone falls and hits his head, etc....

Ananda girl said...

You know I had not thought about the actors missing out on jobs. I like Ron Perlman a lot. He made such a good cat/beast/man and so many other wonderful creatures over the years.

I think you're right about the sexual harassment thing too. But what disturbs me more is when the women degrade themselves. Ugh. It's another reason I don't purposely watch reality shows.

dmarks said...

I still think of Perlman primarily as Vincent. I am not sure if there is much to his complaint about regular TV actors losing jobs to reality-show contestants. It seems to me that while reality-shows have grown in popularity, there are more and more "acted" shows appearing all the time in new places like FX, Scifi, USA, HBO, and other cable networks. This should make up for a lot of the loss in TV acting jobs in the Big 4 networks.

I watched the Trump show for a few seasons, and lost interest. I decided to try the "Celebrity Apprentice" a couple of weeks ago, and it is like an E-list of "are they still alive?" celebrities. Andrew Dice Clay emerged from 1986 in order to be the first voted off the show. I am not watching that one again.

I really liked the "Rebel Billionaire", which was like a UK Trump Apprentice, led by Richard Branson. It all went well until he chose the entirely wrong person as the big winner out of the last two. But that one was never renewed. I think a big reason was that US audiences were always going "Who the hell is Richard Branson?", even if I knew his career since the mid 1970s.

Ananda girl said...

That's funny. I saw an ad for that Celebrity Apprentice and thought... Andrew Dice Clay??? Why would they drag out him? ha.

I don't know who Richard Branson is. Now I have to go look. You are like a scavenger hunt dmarks... I mean that in a good way, by the way.

laughingattheslut-- this was fun!

bulletholes said...

Those shows bother me too.
now that I think about it there is very little on TV that doesn't bother me.
Am I getting crotchety?