Monday, March 09, 2009

A short reminder

I will be back later to review The Watchmen. I started writing it this morning, but I didn't get finished with it. And I can't finish it right now because I'm trying to get some gardening done before it rains later this week, or maybe it will rain just a little bit later today.

But I thought that I should come back and remind everyone that Summer Glau is going to be on tonight's episode of The Big Bang Theory. So everyone has to watch how our favorite nerds deal with meeting the actress who plays a terminator.

And while I'm reminding people about this and that, here's a coupon for a free Arby's roastburger. Doesn't look like a burger to me, but it's free with purchase of a soda, so I'll probably try one. This coupon is only good for today. I had a better one that was good til Saturday, but I can't seem to find that one now.

I'll be back later or maybe tomorrow.

Update: I found that other coupon.


dmarks said...

I'll be able to catch this one, as I do not watch "House" every time. Is there yet a good reliable online source for recent reruns of "Big Bang"?

laughingattheslut said...

Not that I know of.

We may just have to miss House this time, but I think House is on Hulu anyway.

dmarks said...

Thanks for the update. I just printed out a bunch, and I think we will use them for lunch today, and have some to use later in the week too.

dmarks said...

Oh well. Could not find an Arby's at the right time and place in hundreds of miles of driving. But there are a few days left before they expire.