Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today might be a good day

My husband came home last night. Last night was not bad at all, and it was nice to have dinner with him and discuss the week. I took a pill and got almost eight hours sleep.

This morning I am already annoyed that I don't have the house to myself and have to be quiet now. I can't do anything that might make noise. I can't roll over in my empty bed and grab the remote and watch TV, cause it isn't an empty bed at the moment. I can't make breakfast yet. I can't listen to the infinite versions of Watchtower that pop up on YouTube while I type this post.

Today we will probably have a nice day. Probably lunch and a trip to Home Depot or Lowe's and maybe a movie later. I've recorded six hours of TV for him to watch, and if he decides to watch it I will probably watch it with him, even though I've already seen it. Monday he will have to go to work, and I will go back to talking about cleaning house (and not really doing much of it).

Several nice things happened in the last few days. I got some of my annual exam over with. I've had some blood drawn, but I will have to go back Friday and have more blood drawn to test my cholesterol or some such thing. Still, it was good to get some of it done.

The paycheck came, and it was finally a good one. Not enough to make up for the last three months of bad ones, but it is still good to have money in the bank.

Having money in the bank allowed me to do just a little bit of shopping. Nothing really special, but I bought blue jeans and black pants. So I now have two pairs of pants that actually fit my a**. I would also go out and get a haircut, but I think that my bangs still need to grow out a bit after that time that I decided to trim them myself. Bad idea. Really bad idea.

Today I should buy some seeds and some other gardening stuff, and maybe a new skillet. You wouldn't think that a person would stress so much over whether or not to get a haircut and buy a new skillet, but that is what it has been like around here since Christmas. And I still have to try to restrain myself, since this is nowhere near enough to even get caught up on everything, much less think that things will soon be back to normal. But I can feel like normal for a few days anyway.

Friday I also got the new garden bed filled and will be ready to plant it today or in the next few days depending on the wind and the rain. So that little project took almost a month, and there are still big mounds of dirt to deal with, and I haven't even started on the rest of the yard. There's still a lot of work left to do before I can relax a bit.

But, for the most part, I think that today is going to be a good day.


Ananda girl said...

I've made that hair mistake myself. As for the stressing over a new bob and a skillet... well I'm there too. I go to Wally World and put stuff in the cart, then before I check out, I walk around putting stuff back that I decide I can live without. Next pay check I'll do the same thing. It's awful.

It sounds like you will have a lovely day. I hope so.

I understand the loss of independence thing too. I like my sort of single life... doing what I want when I want. But it must also be nice to have someone when you want one. I miss that part.

Your energy in the garden still amazes me. I think you're way ahead of the game.

dmarks said...

We ordered the seeds today. No hurry to put them in frozen ground.

Anyway, these past few days, and hopefully today, sure beat "life sucks" don't they?

Don't miss BSG tonight. And block out about 2 hours and 10 minutes.... this one actually went over.