Friday, March 06, 2009

More adventures in gardening, or not

So I waited for the check to come this morning, and it wasn't as much as I'd hoped for. But the rent still has to be paid, etc.... So off I went with my checkbook.

We hardly use paper checks anymore, and I forget to order them, and then I forget where I've put the ones that I did order. So I've only got a few. Should have paid the rent and the car, but I just paid the rent. After that was done, I decided that it was time for a trip to Home Depot, even if we didn't have as much money to spend as I would like. There is this almost three by twelve hole in the ground that needs to be filled. So I need some peat moss.

Now, you can either buy peat moss from some big name company in a big bag with pretty pictures of flowers, or you can buy peat moss from some not so big name company in a not as pretty plastic covered block. The blocks are usually more product for less money, so I buy the blocks, usually as big of one as I can manage to get into the car.

So I went off this morning to get one of those big blocks of peat moss, only they didn't have any. They do have the bags with the pictures of the flowers on them, but I don't want those. So I went on to Walmart.

Walmart didn't have them either.

I didn't want to keep driving to Lowe's, so I thought I'd just buy a dollar bag of this other plant stuff, just to get started with, and get some peat moss later. Only they didn't have that either. They had manure, but I've still got some of that from last year. That's not what I need.

So this is getting annoying.

I'm also wondering, is it my imagination, or has the price of some of the gardening stuff really gone up this year? Now that some of us have decided to expand our little hobbies into something that might be enough to feed a few people, have the onion sets almost doubled in price, and have the tomato and pepper plants gone up a bit, and are the tomato cages that used to be two for a dollar now more than two dollars each?

I know that some of this stuff went up before, but I'm pretty sure about the onions. I was already to plant just rows and rows of onions, cause I figured onions are a total no brainer and we do tend to eat a lot of them anyway. But it seems like last year they were eighty for a dollar, and now they are eighty for $1.88.

I guess tomorrow I'll have a look around Irving for the stuff that I want. I can't just give up. I can't just leave a big hole and a mound of dirt like that.


Ananda girl said...

I am certain the prices have gone up. They said it was due to the raised gas prices, but I notice that they have not bothered to drop the prices back down once gas dropped... and I'm sure they will use it as an excuse as soon as OPEC finds a reason to elevate the gas price that high again. We can't win.

But on the other hand, the taste of home grown food is so superior to what you buy! Hard choice not to do it. Not to mention healthier.

bulletholes said...

You got to have tomatos!
the Tomatoes you get in stores are just like shells of tomatos...they look like tomatos, but the similarity stops right there!
Onions...well a store bought onion still tastes kind of oniony, and you won't miss much, but...
Tomatoes! you hafta have tomatoes!