Thursday, May 21, 2009

I should have two or three days of normal

Or, I should have two or three days of what passes for normal around here. I want to get started on the Harry Potter stuff, but what I really should be doing for the two or three days is gardening. It will probably rain on Saturday, and I should try to move that big mound of dirt before then.

The new Terminator movie will start today. We won't be promoting that. It would have been fun, and I think that one of our group could have made us up to look like were were cyborgs who had been in a fight, with bits of metal showing where the skin had come off of our faces, and a glowing red light where an eye was supposed to be. And then we could stage a few fights and hit each other with rubber props.

There would have been two major obstacles to this plan, even if other people had wanted to do it. One, unfortunately most of us are not the physical type to play terminators. We have a couple of really young good looking girls, but they have jobs that keep them very busy on weekends. I can't think of any real buff guys in our group. We have a couple who are really tall, and maybe we could have given them shoulder pads or something to make them look more muscular, but that's about it. So we have maybe four people who would look really good doing this sort of thing, except that they're very busy and can't be expected to do that much work on a weekend, much less that much work by themselves. The rest of us are not in such good physically shape, and would not make the most believable terminators, even with glowing red lights and such.

The second major obstacle is that I would want to volunteer anyway, but would probably regret it later. If I whine this much about gardening, think how bad I would feel after a weekend of staged fights.

So it sucks a bit that we won't be doing anything for that, but it is only two weeks after Star Trek, and I doubt that many people would be up for this sort of thing again so soon. What sucks even more is that I won't be seeing the movie today, or tomorrow, or even Saturday. My husband works these next three days, and the scheduling is such that I don't think we can see a show before he has to leave for work. Neither of us were up for the midnight show last night, so it will just have to wait til Sunday or Monday.

Unless I want to lie about it and see it without him, which I don't.

Harry Potter is less than two months away, and I can't seem to get anyone going on that one. We all know that we're promoting this movie, and a lot of us already have costumes. But I don't know what we have in the way of props, and they are not going to magically come into being the week of the movie. If we are going to build something, we need to get started now. And I'm sure that we have little things around, some Halloween decorations and such that would be helpful, but we need to get it all out of storage and look at it and decide what to do with it.

I have twice tried to get some discussions going on the subject. First, I posted a message about needing to look at what we have and decide what else we might need. I was mainly talking about props, but I mostly got replies about what people were going to wear. I know most of them already have their costumes, and that is why we were asked to do this. But we need to figure out what we're going to do with the table. I don't think that our normal Star Trek and other sci-fi stuff is going to work for that weekend. I sent a second message out telling people were they could buy a graduation gown if they didn't already have a costume. I got no replies on that one. I hope that means that everyone already has something to wear.

The main thing that we have decided is that the movie starts on Wednesday, but we will not be working all five days. We'll do what we can on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. We just aren't up for Thursday and Sunday too.

I guess that I should brush up on my Harry Potter stuff and borrow the movies from my brother.

But enough of that for now. Back to the gardening.


dmarks said...

"Harry Potter is less than two months away"

That might explain it. Procrastination. The friends who won't give the Harry Potter movie a thought until 2 days before it comes out.

Ananda girl said...

I'd have a lot of fun doing Harry Potter. I've read them all out loud to my boys except for the last one. She took so long by being distracted with movie stuff, that Squeaky out grew the books before she finished the series. (I was annoyed by that.)

dmarks is probably right... procrastination. It's a blight.