Tuesday, May 05, 2009

More wardrobe and other malfunctions

Okay, so this is the week that all the stuff is happening, and I'm still working on costumes. I shouldn't worry too much, since someone will loan me a science department shirt if the new stuff doesn't work out. Still, it is annoying.

I am working on two Vulcan costumes, one is a brown dress and one is a green robe. I had originally thought that I would wear the robe open and have the brown dress underneath, but I have since decided that the green robe is going to be too warm to do that, so it will probably be worn closed over a T-shirt and shorts or something like that. And since I'm going to wear it closed, I thought that I would have this white piece over it, like they have in the first and third movies, so I went out and bought some more fabric. This particular fabric is thick and stiff, somewhat like denim. And since I had planned to paint it and such I thought that I should wash it first.

Big mistake. I've spent a long time trying to get the stuff ironed, but it still doesn't look as smooth as when I brought it home from the store. And at some point I got a bit of makeup on it, so I'm not too happy about that either. I'm debating if I should go and get some more of it or just deal with it the way it is. Whatever I am going to do I need to go and buy the last of the supplies today and be done with it. I will briefly need something to wear tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow is the big day. There just isn't time to shop for more stuff.

The brown dress is okay, though there is nothing about it that really screams Vulcan. (I could put some symbols on it, but I really don't want to do that since except for the Idic I don't know what any of the symbols mean.) The original neckline was a bit low for what I thought a proper Vulcan lady should wear, so I was fixing that and almost got it perfect but I just cut something just a little too much and there is this tiny little hole showing in between the original neck and the new collar, and now I'm debating should I go back and get more fabric and try again or buy a brown T-shirt to wear under what I've already done, or maybe I should just pin it somehow and hope that no one notices.

As you can see I get frustrated with one, almost give up on it, then work on the other for a while until something goes wrong there, and then I go back to the other one and see if it is worth fixing. So I am not quite finished with either one of them.

Someone is holding a blue shirt for me. I should give up this nonsense and find my girdle and a black pair of pants that don't make me look fat.

Other people in the group are giving me a headache. Miss Allergies has decided not to participate at all, in spite of the fact that she was recently given a nice uniform with all of the pins, so that all she would have to do is find nice black pants and shoes, or else a short black skirt and black boots. If she wasn't going to wear the thing, the thing could have been given to me.

Also, despite having repeatedly asked for a certain level of costume, a few people just don't seem to get it. Some people don't have any costumes or uniforms, or they bought a uniform many years ago and it doesn't fit anymore. But they want to do something this weekend anyway.

Well, that's not the way it works. People want to see you in costume. People do not want to see you standing around in T-shirt and jeans saying that you used to have a costume.

This one person in particular just doesn't seem to grasp the concept of a uniform. Some shirt you buy at a regular store that resembles a uniform is not a uniform. Some other shirt that you have that looks like a uniform except that it is green instead of blue is not a uniform.

I'm not talking about the different colors in fabric. That one is bad enough, but it happens. The homemade uniforms and the store bought uniforms aren't ever quite the same color. And then if you really have money to blow and you send off for the exact fabric used by the studio and have a red uniform made exactly the same as those worn by the actors...

...well, you end up with a purple uniform and don't match anybody. Some stuff just looks different on film than it does in real life.

Still, those people had really good intentions, and they are to be thanks for their efforts, even if I am really envious of their disposable income.

No, that's not what I'm ticked about. I'm ticked about this guy that keeps coming up with stuff that looks like something he saw on one of the movies, but to most of us it just isn't a recognizable uniform. I think that the thing he's talking about is from Star Trek 5 and doesn't even have the Starfleet logo on it.

Jokes about Star Trek 5 aside....

Even if he bought this thing right from the studio (which I know he did not, he just bought something that looks like it) most people wouldn't recognize it from Star Trek.

I mean, if you have to tell someone that it looks just like a movie costume instead of people recognizing it as a movie costume, it just doesn't work.

Okay, so we have people with perfect costumes who can't be bothered, people with no costumes who won't take a hint, and most of the rest of us have put on a few pounds and would never be mistaken for real Starfleet officers even with our uniforms.

I know that I have stuff to do and shouldn't be wasting my time with this little rant. Except that it is too early in the morning for me to seriously attempt anything else.

On the bright side, there are now 97 of the new Outer Limits that I can watch on Hulu next week when things get back to normal. And later, I'm going to go to Burger King for lunch and see if they have toys yet.


dmarks said...

Burger King? Watch out for Burger Klingons.

As for "Star Trek V" jokes, I saw that movie once, in the theatre, when it first came out. I've not seen it sense. I've seen most of the other ones several times. Some year I might get a "hankering" to see ST5 again.

Ananda girl said...

We still don't have a single box of cereal with the pins in our store. And there isn't a Burger King for fifty miles! They're going to be gone before I can get my hands on any.

Sounds frustrating, your group. I hope it goes well for you and you have a blast.

Ananda girl said...

Had a thought... try using Faultless Spray Starch on your material. It'll stiffen right up.

dmarks said...

Reminds me I should try to get tickets for the movie today.