Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why do I feel so bad?

So now it has been more than a month since I did any serious gardening, and while some of the plants themselves are doing quite well, and about half of the garden is doing what I hoped it would do, the backyard in general looks pretty bad. It is time to deal with that other big mound of dirt.

Okay, step one in dealing with the big mound of dirt is to nail some boards together and paint them and move them to where they will contain the dirt.

Step one is not that hard. It is no big deal. It is something that I've done often enough that I mostly know what I am doing, and it is not usually something that is physically difficult. These particular boards are relatively thin and about four feet long. Not a big deal at all to put glue on them and put clamps on them and then nail them together. And painting isn't a big deal either. And it isn't like painting a whole wall or anything. It doesn't take much of my time. I paint half of a board, watch some TV while I wait for it to dry, go and paint the second coat, watch more TV while waiting for it to dry, see if it has dried enough to move, turn it over, paint some more, watch more TV, come back and paint another coat, etc....

No big deal. Not tons of work, and the little work that does get done is broken up by a lot of time watching TV. And the painting was done outdoors, so it isn't like there's a problem with paint fumes either.

The hard work comes later. The hard work is moving the dirt and putting the dirt through the screen and making it all look neat and tidy before I add some plants.

So why when I did that last bit of painting did I suddenly feel so bad?

My legs really started to hurt, and I had hardly done any work, so that didn't quite make sense. But I got the last of it done, and went back to watching TV instead of doing the dishes and such that I had thought I would do after the painting was finished.

And then I started to feel a little sick. Well, I suppose that happens, especially with all the stuff of the busy past weekend and eating out a lot, and now this weekend we were eating out a lot again, and I haven't been careful about eating my yogurt and such. So that was going to catch up with me sooner or later, it just happened to be at the same time as my legs started hurting. Just that the legs hurting didn't make any sense.

So I take a little green pill and wait for that to work. My husband comes home, and he asks if he should go and get me anything from the store. While there is all this stuff that I should go and get from the store anyway, I don't think that I really need any of it right away. I can't think of anything that would make me feel better that I don't already have in the house if I need it. I have crackers and cookies and even chicken soup. I've already taken a pill. Maybe club soda or ginger ale would help, but I'm not really craving any of that. So I don't send him to get anything, and we just watch Medium while I wait for the pill to work. I take a different pill hoping that I will feel sleepy by the time Medium is over.

And I get lots of sleep, and I don't really feel that sick the next day, but we go and eat Chinese food anyway.

My legs still hurt. Not as bad as they did, but they hurt.

My husband decides that it is because I'm not drinking enough water. We buy some bottled water while we are out.

My legs still hurt a little bit, but I've had muscle rub and such and some more sleep and I mostly feel better. Except that the dirt will still have to be moved, and it would be best if I could get that done before Saturday when it will probably rain.

Today I am going to go and have a chocolate malt. Probably not the healthiest thing to have, but they are free at Arby's today if you buy a sandwich. I will think about moving the dirt and such later.


dmarks said...

Drink lots of water.

I've had things like that when I sat some funny way or did some activity. Sometimes the pain does not show up until days later.

Ananda girl said...

I agree with dmarks, sometimes it takes days for muscles to start aching after you've over done.

My trouble with my knee that I now do physical therapy began in Jan. when I gracefully bit it big time and got up and walked it off. I did not start to be concerned about the pain until the end of March or start of April. It took that long for my brain to tell me that I'd done something to hurt myself.

I rarely have digestion troubles. But I eat mostly what I make myself and I'm deep into my diabetic diet thing. Lots of veggies and very small portions. I can make one restaurant meal last me for three meals easily. I drink a lot of water It's good for my blood sugar levels. Anyway, that seems to work for me.

I hope you get to feeling better. Oh, and walking really does help too. But you work so hard at gardening that maybe you get enough exercise that way. :-)