Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My little bit to add to the confusion about Freebie Wednesdays at Arbys

Okay, so we were at Arby's using some coupons we got in the mail, and on the tray there was this ad with a calender that said there will be free stuff at Arby's on Wednesdays throughout the summer.

Great. Tomorrow is Wednesday. We will come back.

Okay, so the flier says that a coupon is required. Where are these coupons? Is the flier itself the coupon? Cause it doesn't really look much like a coupon.

So I went home and Googled and found a story about Arby's giving away free stuff on Wednesdays. There's a particular free thing one Wednesday, and then a different free thing the next Wednesday, and then something else the Wednesday after that. Basically, on the days that you get a free sandwich you have to buy a drink, and on the days that you get a free drink you have to buy sandwich. So on the 13th of May you get a free Roastburger if you buy a drink, and then on the 20th of May you get a free chocolate swirl malt if you buy a sandwich.


There was a link to a place to sign up for emails with free coupons and such. We signed up and waited for our coupons.

The coupons that appeared were for free flavored teas if you buy a sandwich. That's nice, but not what we were looking for.

It is now Wednesday. I did more Googling.

There was great confusion in the Force.

Some people said that the flier was the coupon. Other people said that they got coupons in their email. Other people said that no coupon was necessary.

It says right on the flier that a coupon is required. Maybe I got a misprinted flier.

We took two fliers to the restaurant and hoped for the best. We got there very early, and the manager was outside drawing stuff on the sidewalk with colored chalk.

Okay, at our local restaurant, no coupon is required. We bought two sodas and got two free Roastburgers.

Good. I can stop digging the fliers out of the trash.

I hope that helps someone. But it probably just adds to the confusion.


Ananda girl said...

Good to know. Thanks!

dmarks said...

After Kentucky Fried Chaos, you'd think that these fast-food freebie deals would make things a lot more clear.

Thanks for the info. So many free food deals to keep up with.

bulletholes said...