Sunday, May 17, 2009

Monday Morons--at least try to keep up with what is going on with your own little group of fellow nerds

No, I am not through writing about the Star Trek movie weekend. But I thought that I would take a break and write about something else for a bit. And I haven't written a Monday Morons post in a very long time, so you may not be familiar with this particular thing that used to be a regular feature.

Anyway, it has been a busy time for my little group of friends. Last weekend we had three things going on at once. Most of us were involved with promoting the new Star Trek movie, and that Sunday was our regularly scheduled dinner (which we didn't think in time to move to someplace closer to the theater), and Sunday was also Mother's Day. So some of us were trying to squeeze in this Star Trek stuff in addition to doing something with mom, which is hard to do that weekend if your particular mom isn't into Star Trek and doesn't want to do any of this other stuff on Mother's Day. And while we were recovering from the busy weekend of that week, the next weekend was our annual picnic, and some people had a lot to do to get ready for that.

I don't do most of the stuff that goes on at the picnic. I was never into outdoor sports, and I would think that even if I was that I would be getting a bit to old for this sort of thing. Still, unless I really need to be doing something else, I at least make an appearance at the thing and bring something and eat a hotdog or two.

So that is what we were supposed to be doing Saturday. Only we saw on the news that it was probably going to rain. And we have been talking about what we would do if it did rain. And we talked about having the picnic or not having the picnic on and off throughout the week, but especially on Friday we discussed it a lot, and we must have had twenty emails on the subject. And we decided that we needed to make a final decision on it by about nine in the morning on Saturday.

So just after nine it was announced (by email) that the picnic was canceled, and then there were about eleven more emails discussing either meeting at someone's house or just meeting for lunch at the regular meeting place, and then either trying to reschedule the picnic for the next day or maybe even the same time next month.

So we were supposed to check the email again after eleven to see if we were going to the regular meeting place (because we didn't know if we could get the place since we didn't have a reservation), and that all worked out, so by about eleven thirty or so anybody who cared enough to check their email knew that the picnic was canceled and we would be at the regular meeting place at two.

So at two o'clock, a lot of us were at the regular meeting place, mostly talking about the new movie, cause we hadn't planned anything for the day because we had expected to be at the picnic. There were a few people who weren't there, but there are always a few people who aren't there anyway.

So that night we all got an email from someone who saw that it was raining and decided not to go to the picnic because it was raining and he wasn't sure if anyone else would be there.

And it's not like he didn't have computer access, or he couldn't have sent us the email.

There were at least thirty emails on the subject that he just decided not to read, so then he couldn't figure out if anyone was going to be at the picnic.

It was this guy that I complained about in October for sending the large emails. So I don't get why you send emails and expect everyone to read your emails when you don't stop to read anyone else's emails. I understand when people who do not have computers are out of the loop sometimes, but this guy either has a computer himself or borrows someone else's on a regular basis, and he skips over the part that says "you have 31 unread messages" so he can send us a message on the very same subject.

I know that to varying degrees we are all a bit weird in our little group, but there are a few that even I just do not get.


Ananda girl said...

That's okay. I'm having one of those Mondays where I don't get me... and wonder where the heck my brain went.

laughingattheslut said...

There was another weird one Saturday. This girl who has been hanging around, but I don't even know her name, came up and asked if she could borrow money to buy a pizza. A.) I don't even know her name so why would she think that we are close enough that I would lend her money, and b.) she might have noticed that I only had a soda myself, so that might have told her that if I don't want to spend money on buying myself food I'm probably not going to feel sorry for her if she goes without too. And she totally doesn't seem to get it, and she goes up to someone else who tries some polite way of telling her no, but she won't take the first polite no and tries to reason with the other person, and the other person probably doesn't her name either.

But after asking enough people, someone else who usually doesn't have a lot of money reaches for his wallet, and she comes back with pizza. I don't think that this woman was going to starve or anything. Having pizza is something that you do for fun when you have the money, and when you don't have the money you should just skip it, not ask everyone in the place until someone gives you money.

dmarks said...

Pizza Mooch.

Reminds me of the girl who went around in the old video game arcade wanting to play games. She had no money, and would tell guys she "would do anything for a quarter".

Ananda girl said...

That is a very scary story dmarks.

I knew a girl in college who would hang out in the cafeteria and eat whatever was left on people's plates that they abandoned and did not throw in the trash... though I even saw her dig in the trash a few times. She was very scary.

laughingattheslut said...

Okay, so my husband was reading this book about this guy who traveled all over the country working at different places as a dishwasher. And he worked at one of the big colleges, but I can't remember which one. And that was one of the perks of the job there, was that you got to eat all this leftover stuff that the other students left on the table.

Perks of the job?