Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Today is the big day...sort of

Okay, so today is the beginning of the Star Trek movie premier weekend, which will start at about five or six or so tonight when some of us start putting up tables at a local theater which is showing the second and third and fourth of the Star Trek movies. The plan is to put on our costumes to advertise our club and help collect for the canned food drive and all of that before some of us (not me) spend ten or fifteen dollars on tickets to actually watch these three movies.

The rest of us were supposed to head to another theater to watch the new movie. In theory, new movies are tested on the Wednesday or Thursday before opening day, just to make sure that the print is okay and that it has all the previews with it that it is supposed to have and all of that. So we were supposed to go and do that, so that we would get to see the movie ourselves before we do all the other stuff that we have planned to do the rest of the weekend.

And I noticed yesterday that I hadn't been told what time to meet everyone at the other theater.

Okay, so I didn't expect that the time would just be listed out for everyone to see, because only certain people are invited to the thing. If you aren't helping out this weekend, you don't get to see the movie before everyone else. And if you don't have an appropriate costume, then standing around the theater in your regular clothes doesn't count as helping out, and maybe you just aren't supposed to know when the early showing is.

So I wasn't really worried that I hadn't seen the time posted, but I did wonder that no one had sent me a private email about it. And then I thought that we had been emailing about so much other stuff that they probably thought that they had told me already and just forgot to send me a separate email. So I sent them some questions, which didn't get answered right away.

So it turns out that the movie might not get to the theater until Thursday morning, which kind of ruins our plans.

I could watch the movie Thursday morning, but I don't think that anyone else can. And I'll need to get ready to do this other stuff by maybe four or five, so I doubt that they will make an effort to get us in Thursday.

So that sort of sucks.

So today of all days, when I really need my sleep, I wake up at four in the morning and can't get back to sleep. I'm still hoping that we get to see the movie tonight, which means that I'll be up til at least one in the morning, and then I'll have a busy weekend after that.

Friday I've been invited to lunch at a very nice restaurant, but I will have to decline. By noon I am already supposed to be at the theater, and before that I will need time to get into costume and such. I volunteered for the early shifts on Friday, because I don't have a job. See?

So I'm sitting here when I should be asleep, and after checking my email there's a message that they still don't know if we will get to see the movie tonight.

Yesterday I decided to make one last shopping trip before working on one of the costumes. And my first trip was to Walmarts, where I did not quite get what I needed, but still managed to spend thirty dollars on this and that. Now, some of that was just stuff that we needed anyway, like soap. But most of it was stuff that I wouldn't have bought except for the movie being this weekend. And not having found some of the stuff I needed at Walmarts I started to go to Jo Ann's, and then I thought, I've already spent thirty dollars at Walmarts, so what am I thinking going to more stores?

So I ended the shopping trip and went to lunch instead. After lunch I went and bought eight more boxes of cereal that was on sale. I now have all the badges except the Klingon, and I think that I will just have to do without that one. I also have twelve more packages of cookies (mostly Grasshoppers) and the tokens that came with those. So I'm now just waiting to hear from Kellogg's if I can use those to get a T-shirt or if those are only good for flash drives. As soon as I get an answer I'll send off for something.

With DVDs of Star Trek movies playing in the background, I went to work on one of the costumes. It started with a brown dress that I thought needed to be altered somewhat. First, it has a slit to about the knee on one side. And second, I thought that it was cut a bit low in front for a proper Vulcan lady to wear it. So the first thing that I did was buy a yard of fabric that I planned to use to correct those two things.

Only then I thought that the fabric might look better draped over my arm. I found two other pieces of clothing that I thought could be cut to alter the dress. One piece would fix the neckline, and the other piece I would cut fabric from to close up the slit. I finally got the neckline all fixed, but then I noticed that the piece I meant to use on the skirt looked really good sort of draped around my hair. I got a haircut recently, and while I don't hate it as much as I did, my old hair looked better for a Vulcan.

So now I have nothing left to fix the skirt with. But I guess it doesn't show that much skin, and I'll probably wear boots with it anyway. But now I really should go out and find some more stuff to fix my hair with, even though I had said that I wasn't going shopping today, cause I should stay home and rest.

I probably won't work on the green robe now. It will just have to wait for some other occasion. It will probably double for some Harry Potter type thing. But I probably won't wear it myself for Harry Potter, cause I am planning to make a really nice hat, and they just wouldn't go together.

So I guess I'm going to go watch Hulu, cause I can't get back to sleep.


Ananda girl said...

Wow. You really have been busy.

I didn't sleep much last night either.

Wonder if there are solar flares or something affecting that.

I hope you get to go tonight. Enjoy! You've sure worked hard for it.

dmarks said...

Combadge suggestion -

Find a pinback button. A very small one. I used one-inch wide ones, but smaller would probably be better.

Find stick-on velcro with strong adhesive.

Stick one side of the velcro on the back of the combadge, and the other on the back of the pinback button.

Attach the combadge to the pinback button, via the velcro.

Now you have a combadge that is as easy to take on and off as a pinback button. No altering of the combadge necessary (other than sticking something on the back). Drawback? The one-inch pinback shows slightly behind the combadge. A slightly smaller pinback (if one can be found) would be better hidden.