Sunday, October 25, 2009

And it still doesn't seem like October even now

Here it is, the last week of the month. Halloween is Saturday, and I'm just not feeling it.

Maybe I'm turning into my mother.

I have done nothing. I haven't made the jewelry to go with my costume. I haven't fixed the witch hat that I should take just in case I can't go through with the whole acting like a certain character on a cable tv show. I haven't made any props. I haven't checked into the planned weird food or made any interesting containers for that.

Less than a week left to do that stuff, and I haven't done any of it.

Yesterday, I did dye my hair. So now I sort of itch. You are supposed to do this allergy test before you dye your hair, but I never bother with it. And it isn't like I break out or anything, it's just the smell tends to bother me for a few days. But, since the color only last so many shampoos, I don't want to waste one just yet. Besides, having a shampoo less than twenty-four hours later is probably not recommended.

Yesterday, I also went to Judgement house. The hell scene is probably the closest I will get to a haunted house this year. There was a different Satan this year. I'm not saying that he is a bad actor, just that he isn't as into it. He tends to stand up straight and smile at people. Not that the real Satan doesn't do that. But, I think I liked the other guy better.

I wonder about the audition process. It must be really hard to decide who gets to be Satan and who gets to be Jesus.

A couple of the angels looked like they were ready for a nap, but the rest of them did pretty good.

I must remember for next time that no matter how I early I go, thinking that I will get in sooner, I will probably still have an hour to wait. There was no need to eat before buying a ticket. I can get my ticket, find out how long it will be, and probably have time to go to Sonic. In fact, I would probably have time to get in my car and go to another restaurant or even to go home for a bit. And if I don't have time to go do any of that, great, I can go eat afterwards.

Looks like I won't be going out of town tomorrow. It wasn't anyplace special, just middle of nowhere Texas in between Abilene and Midland. There were no plans, other than just getting out of the house for a bit and watching cable and doing some knitting. Maybe there would be leaves to look at on the way. We don't usually drive that direction, maybe there would be something to look at on the way, but probably we wouldn't have much time for that anyway. But I was thinking of going, but Waco has been added to the schedule, and have plans the rest of the week and cannot go to Waco.

Not that I really was dying to go to Waco either, though we might have gone to the zoo in the morning if we got there in time. And depending on where the motel was in relation to a certain haunted house, I might have thought about trying to go. But I really shouldn't go anywhere Tuesday, and I pretty much have plans for the rest of the week too. So I guess that I'm not going now.

My sister is going to Thrillvania. I have been once, though I didn't feel like I had time to see everything. And of course they have since added a few things that I haven't seen at all. I want to go. My sister isn't interested, but her friends are going to drag her out of the house to do something, and right now that something is a planned trip to Terrell.

My friends will not be dragging me anywhere. The week before the party, we are all too busy with party stuff. And a couple of them aren't well anyway. At least it isn't that damned flu. Or at least, not yet. I still didn't get a seasonal flu shot, and there isn't enough of the other shot to go around yet.

There is good news on the knitting. I have found one of my missing latch hook tools, and, I have bought some replacement "needles" on eBay, and they are already here. Now if I could just get some multi-pronged transfer tools and some glow in the dark yarn, I'd be all set. For now I am just happy that I can get back to work on the current project with a proper size latch hook tool.

Seems like I had something else to say, but I can't remember what it was. Anyway, I had better go and look for some of my stuff today, or I can't go and do what I had planned for the week even if I do stay home. And I had better make that jewelry and some props. And I should work on that hat, etc....


dmarks said...

I should call the local church that does an elaborate Christmas drama/attraction and suggest that they do a Judgement House. It's too late this year, of course.

Ananda girl said...

I have never been to a Judgement House. It sounds fun. What a great way for churches to do something on a holiday that many churches try to avoid.

laughingattheslut said...

I don't see how the actors can stand it in the hell scene for all of that time. It tends to make me a bit sick during the few minutes I am just watching. It is hot, and there is smoke, and it smells bad. And some of them have a lot of physical work to do in that scene and in the judgement scene, with some of them being picked up and dragged away, and then of course the demons having to do the heavy lifting over and over again.

dmarks said...

The "there's smoke, and it smells bad" along with the hard work probably describes what it is like to work in a tavern. A lot of people do that. But at least they get paid for it.

Seriously, don't they use a lot of dry ice, or fog machines to get a smoky effect? Or do they really use smoke?

laughingattheslut said...

I would guess the fog machine over the dry ice. In the confined space, it doesn't smell good. They get started at four and I think the last show is scheduled for ten. That seems a long time to be in that room yelling and screaming.

dmarks said...

I think the yelling and screaming might get to me before the fog would. Cause a big headache or something.

I get the impression that dry ice fog stays low (but I have not seen any in use for a long time).

Hell's just not a very nice place, I guess.