Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It looks like R and/or J stopped by again. Really guys, if you're going to read, stop and say hello or something.

Looks like I also have a new reader in Germany. That one makes no sense.

Yesterday my husband went out of town to middle of nowhere Texas. Only I had some confusion over when was where and which town had what name and so forth. So middle of nowhere that is west of here is next week, not yesterday like I thought. So I might end up going there anyway, I'll have to give that some thought.

So, my husband went someplace just east of here, near one of his siblings, so he would have gone to visit sibling if he had the time. Only it was just the one day schedule, so he probably wouldn't have any time. It probably wouldn't even be enough time to squeeze in lunch together.

And then, after he got and paid for a motel room, he went to work, only to find out there was no work.

This gets a little bit weird.

We used to work for other companies and sometimes the schedule would get screwed up. It rarely got screwed up to the point where we got the day off, and by that time half of the day was gone anyway. But sometimes at other companies, the company doesn't have anything to do with finding the location where my husband's job is actually done. At this company, someone in the company calls a bunch of different groups of people until they find a group that wants to hire them. And then it is up to that group of people to find a place for my husband and his coworkers to work that day. And then someone else in the company calls potential customers and schedules when they come in.

Weird problems sometimes happen. For one thing, the person that the company pays to find the groups who want to hire the company, he gets paid just for finding a group that the company will work for that day. And the people who schedule appointments get paid for just doing that. Neither of them actually care if the company makes money. It doesn't amount to anything on their paychecks. The first guy probably doesn't even care if there are any customers.

On the other hand, my husband and the sales people he works with only get paid a small amount (usually less than minimum wage) for showing up and doing the work, and the rest of their pay is commission. So, if there aren't any customers, or, if the customers don't buy very much, they really don't get paid enough to work that day. Only, they don't have the option of not working that day, if someone has found a place to work, even if it is obvious that no one is going to make any money (other than the guy who made the arrangements in the first place).

So one of these guys (one that my husband had never heard of before) arranged to have some people work east of here last week. Only, after the schedule was made, somehow my husband's boss and the salespeople's boss didn't get the message, and no one from the company was sent to that location. So the customers all showed up at the location, but no one from the company was there, and they all went home mad.

That was odd.

Then, a makeup day was scheduled for Monday, and my husband and some salespeople were sent to the location. Only, the people at the location didn't think that they were doing any business that day. They thought that they were just supposed to meet with someone from the company to discuss when they might reschedule, if they even want to reschedule. So there were some people at the location, just sort of waiting for someone to come and apologize, not actual customers and the usual volunteers and such that are usually at a location.

So last week there were customers and volunteers, but no one from the company to do any work. And yesterday there were three people from the company to do some work, but no customers and no volunteers.

So my husband didn't do any work yesterday. I'm not sure if he'll get paid anything. He's supposed to get some minimum amount even if there are no customers, but I'm not sure what happens when you're actually turned away from the location.

And he'd already paid for the motel room and couldn't get that money back. So he called to ask if he should just come home.

Well, probably not. The room is already paid for, and he's a little closer to where he would work Tuesday, but not by much.

He was, however, real close to the sibling, and now they could have lunch or dinner or whatever.

So I guess that is what happened, but I don't know as I missed his call this morning.

But that was weird. With other companies, we used to have this sort of problem a lot, cause they didn't even call to confirm that we were allowed to use the location for work that day. But I hadn't heard of anything this bad happening with this company. Work gets cancelled or added at the last minute, but I don't remember ever being told that there was a job on a day when there were no customers scheduled at all.

You would think that someone would notice that before.

Well, I said that I wasn't going to do any knitting yesterday, but I did some anyway. Not much, just a little. A lot of the stuff that I was going to do yesterday I couldn't do. I found out that I didn't have the supplies that I thought I had, so I will see about getting some at Walmart today. I didn't want to make a special trip to get anything yesterday. Yesterday was the only day that I could stay home all day, so that is what I did, I stayed home. Today there will be going to the library and going to get pills and possibly going to Walmart and having lunch at Boston Market. Yesterday, I looked for a certain file on the computer, which when I found it I couldn't open it cause Word Perfect had been deleted from the computer.

I wonder who would do that?

After that I just sort of went back to doing nothing. I got out stuff for the weird food, but then it is really to early to do anything but practice, which I think would be better to do on Thursday or even Friday. If I do it now, and it goes well, I'll just have to clean everything and put it away til Friday or Saturday. If I wait til Thursday, I can clean it but just leave everything out where I can use it again the next day. And having just practiced the day before would probably be better anyway. If the practice one doesn't go well, it doesn't matter when it gets done, cause I won't be doing it again. So either way I shouldn't do anything else til at least Thursday.

I don't know. Yesterday was just sort of a rainy depressing day. I should have done something more useful with it, like cleaning the bathtub.

The day did finally end with an episode of Heroes and some amusing emails.

I guess I will go put on my face and charge my phone and such so I can leave.

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Ananda girl said...

It's been rainy and depressing everywhere I have friends. How odd.
Well maybe not. It is October. We all seem depressed a bit though. Maybe its seasonal. But there seems to be a lot of odd stuff happening too.