Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The rest of the weekend

Payday was Friday, and we very briefly were caught up with the bills, or at least, the important bills that we are paying. The credit card people still aren't getting anything, though I did get something in the mail from one of them, offering to settle for seventy percent and if I paid that they would stop calling me and such. I'm a little confused by the offer. Do they mean that the payments would be reduced to seventy percent, or that the total would be reduced if I could pay it all at once? Cause if I can't pay fifty dollars, I probably don't have fourteen hundred either.

Anyway, I soon won't have either amount. The bit of having money never lasts for long.

We went to lunch a few times and bought a few speciality food items. I went off in search of yam noodles. Yam noodles are supposed to have so much fiber that you don't gain any calories. Yam and tofu noodles are one of the "in" things now because of Hungry Girl. But they aren't cheap. Eight ounces for two dollars or more, and that isn't even the same as you would get for eight ounces of dried pasta. It says that it is two servings, but it looks more like one serving to me, and a small serving at that. But, I had to try them. Still haven't actually got around to eating them, as I've only just now been to Whole Foods to buy them.

Of course, what I really want to find is dried yam noodles, if there is such a thing. I got confused and bought sweet potato noodles. Then I went to yet another Asian market and bought more refrigerated yam noodles. So I now have three different kinds to try, but still haven't found a place that sells dry yam noodles.

While I was at one of the Asian markets, I bought a dragon fruit. I maybe buy one or two of these a year, cause I can only find them at Central Market, where they cost five dollars each, and then seven dollars each, and then last trip I didn't buy any cause they were ten dollars each. Not even ten dollars a pound, but tens dollars each. So at the Asian Market they were five dollars a pound, and I bought one that was about half a pound. Much more reasonable, but still not something that I'm going to buy on a regular basis. I bought a few more odd things like that, but they didn't cost near as much.

We found a few things at Goodwill, including a Divx player for twenty bucks. It didn't work properly when we got it home, but my husband thought that it might just be the cables. So we went to the dollar store, but they didn't have those kind of cables. Then we went to Radio Shack, where those particular cables cost twenty dollars and up.

So, we can't spend a lot of money trying to get the twenty dollar player to work, or we might as well just give up and buy a new player. But I thought that we should maybe look at a discount place, but my husband doesn't agree and thinks that we should go to a thrift store. The thrift store has cables, which are not the twenty dollar ones, but he buys a couple anyway for five dollars. Then we go to the place I wanted to go and buy the twenty dollar cables for seven dollars.

All during this weekend, we have tried to buy sandwiches at a Vietnamese place, but we kept getting there when the place was closed. We are now thinking that the place has recently gone out of business, cause I can believe that we got there too late one day, and I can believe that maybe they are just closed on Sunday, but I can't imagine that the place would close before five on a Monday. So they just must be gone. Tried another place, and they too were gone. There must be a dozen places in the area that sell those sandwiches, but the two places I used to buy from are gone, and I really don't remember where the other places are.

No sandwiches for us. Which meant that each time we ate someplace else and spent more money than I intended to. We've had our fun, we need to stop that and just cook something.

Which means that I'll need to go buy groceries today.

I still don't have a flu shot yet.

While all this is going on, my grandmother took ill, and my mother didn't call to tell me until Monday. And I didn't go to my brother's place this weekend, so when I briefly spoke to him he didn't tell me about it either, cause he thought that I already knew. Now that I think about it, he said something in passing when I asked about something else, but he didn't make it sound like a big deal.

So now my mother is all upset because they are probably going to have to but grandma in a nursing home again, and she doesn't want to go. But for some reason, she doesn't tell me about it until Monday. And I think that grandma is going to the hospital or something, and I then make plans to mostly sit at home and do nothing so that I can wait for the phone to ring, cause I think that we're going to take grandma to the hospital and I'm going to spend most of the day in a hospital waiting room.

But no, they aren't going to do that. At least, they didn't do that Monday. They might do that today or tomorrow, but not yesterday.

I guess I don't get what they are waiting for.

Anyway, I expect that eventually there will be a trip to the hospital or something, one of those hurry up and wait things, and there will be a lot of time in a hospital lobby, so I'm going to have a book and some knitting ready to go, and I'm not going to go much of anywhere today, just in case someone calls.

Oh, I forgot. I posted another video in the Wendy's contest, and it is finally where you can actually see it. I'm Wendyswitch, if you couldn't guess.

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It's really difficult to manage things on such a tight budget.