Thursday, October 15, 2009

It doesn't much feel like October

Halloween is usually my favorite holiday, even more than Christmas. I like the costumes. I like the decorations. As a kid I liked to walk around in the dark. I like haunted houses.

And here it is halfway through the month, and I've done nothing. I've done a bit of shopping to get a costume, but really, that still isn't ready. And this year my costume isn't even the "Halloween type" of costume that I would normally wear. I'm just going to go as a TV character from a cable show and see if people can guess who I am supposed to be.

I haven't decorated the house. Well, there are some decorations up all year, cause it seems silly to risk damaging them trying to squish them into a box for storage. I like them, so why not just leave them up. No one else is going to see, and if they did see, well, if they didn't get it, why did I invite them to my house? So there are pumpkins up all year and ravens and owls and a few skulls and now a couple of tombstones. But the rest of the stuff is still in boxes, and they will probably stay in the boxes this year, cause I probably won't get enough of the place clean to bother with putting the rest of it up.

And of course I have no money, so that tends to be a problem. I'm not even looking at the haunted house ads. I can't go to anything. I bought my ticket to the Halloween party a long time ago, so I wouldn't have to worry about saving enough money to do that. But I haven't money for anything else. No haunted houses, no Screams, no Fright Night at Six Flags. Nothing. I can't do any of that.

At this point I'm not even sure that I will make it to Judgment House at my mom's church. Not that it would cost a lot (and if I literally had no money, mom would pay for it), but that is not a month long thing, and by the time it gets here I will probably be busy with other things. Being the only Judgment house in the area, it is usually a long wait.

I will have the house to myself for a couple of days. My husband is going to middle of nowhere just west of here. While I was debating on whether or not to go with him, I decided that if I went we would either have the added expense of staying over Saturday night (which the company might or might not pay for, but even if they did we would still need the extra money up front and then wait to be paid back) or else I would have to find someplace to wait all day, like maybe movie theater, and that also takes money and I find it rather tiresome anyway.

So while I was debating about that (the main reason for going to middle of nowhere is to have a place to knit without distractions other than the cable TV, and there not being a good place in the house to set up the knitting machine), I remembered that this weekend there is a meeting, so I shouldn't go anyway. So that is figured out. I'm not going. But it is only for a couple of days and Saturday, and I will already be busy on Saturday, so I don't expect to get much done. Still, it would be nice to get a couple of videos done, work on some knitting, maybe do some sorting.

The weather is not all that cold, but there did seem to be this dramatic drop in temperature earlier, so for a couple of days it did seem cold and I start to cough and get a sore throat and such. It went from what would have been a pleasant eighty if it had been dry, to a high of about sixty, which means that if you wake up in the middle of the night it is about forty. Forty is no big deal, except that I do not have an electric blanket and I hadn't yet turned on the heater. So the heater was on for a couple of days, but now it is back off. It is just so wet outside. It doesn't dry out long enough to do any gardening, so all that water is going to waste. Except that it is making the grass too tall, and it doesn't dry out on my husband's day off, so it doesn't get cut.

I really do not care how the grass looks, but this is starting to look really bad. We will get a complaint letter if he does not cut the grass soon, but it is hard to do as it keeps raining on and off.

In other parts of the country, people are going out to look at the red and orange leaves. Here, if we have a red tree, it is because the crepe myrtles are still blooming. We will probably go from having green trees to having no leaves on the trees rather quickly. We don't get a lot of the red and orange thing, and of course if we had it right now we couldn't really go out and enjoy it anyway. It is raining too much to go out and look at the leaves.

I think I may miss the entire October experience, except for the Halloween party. I won't even get to do much in the way of after-holiday shopping, cause we don't have any money. Not that I need to eat tons and tons of candy, but it was nice to get some while it was on sale so that I wasn't tempted to spend money on it the rest of the year. And I tend to buy a lot of practical things the day after a holiday, like plastic spoons and storage containers and Kleenex, cause they are half price for being orange.

That reminds me. If you like the Rubbermaid Takealongs, go out and buy some more while you still can. I think that they are going to switch to something "new and improved", which is new but I can't see how it is improved. In fact, the new ones look like the same cheap plastic that all the other brands use, which is why I was spending a little more to get Rubbermaid in the first place. So I need to go and buy about a dozen or so of those, regardless of color, but I can't because we don't have any money. So it doesn't look like I will be going out to stock up on them November 1st.

Except for the party, I have nothing to look forward to. Not even post-holiday clearance sales.

And I still don't have a flu shot.

This sucks. Business usually picks up by now, but not this year.

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Ananda girl said...

I have had my regular flu shot but am waiting on my swine flu shot.

I have nothing to look forward to right now either... you've got company there.