Friday, October 09, 2009

Still no word from Publisher's Clearing House

And no big winning lotto tickets either.

But it looks like we will be getting a hundred dollars for the gardening video.

While I am happy, it doesn't even make up for the latest drama with the bank.

Since I the time I had first wanted to enter the video contest, my hopes for winning have gone from--it sure would be nice to have some extra money--to--I could make a car payment with that--to--I'm behind on a car payment and need some money to catch up--to--at this point I would just like to get the flu shots and maybe buy some groceries if I win something.

Okay, so now I've won something. Not the top prize or even the second prize, but we did win the third prize of a hundred dollars.

And I really would like to have that flu shot before the party.

I will blog more about the bank later.


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Yay! Good for you.