Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunday is not my day of mourning

About this time last week I was looking at the tracker thing, and you know the rest cause I posted about it on Monday. Busted! Anyway, since then I don't think that R and J have been reading my blog, or if they have, they're not doing it very much, and I don't think that they gave the address to the rest of my friends, or that the rest of my friends have rushed over to read anything that I wrote.

And it isn't like I would ever write anything that wasn't true anyway.

So I'm going to have a bit of a rant, and, if one of my friends happens to read this, well, it is the truth.

My friend the pilot would like to have a bunch of us over for dinner, and, needing a reason and a time for inviting us over, has decided that a certain friend's birthday is a good day and a good excuse. He was trying to get a general idea of how we felt about it, and if that was a good time for most of us, etc.... I can't remember, but maybe he waited until the birthday friend was out of hearing range before he asked, but most of the rest of us thought it was a good idea. And I think that he had already asked some of the others before I heard about it. Anyway, he thought the friend's birthday was on a Friday, but by the time he told me about it, he was pretty sure that it was on a Sunday.

I totally agreed that it was a good idea, and, unless I am sick or out of town that day, I said I would be there.

Just to be sure that we all heard and that we were all in agreement, the pilot sent out an email yesterday explaining what he would like to do and when and such. R and J said that sounded good and I'm all for it and another friend is also planning to go. And everyone was planning to go until this morning.

Miss Allergies said "No, not on a Sunday."

Now, this wasn't something like, she forgot that she had to be somewhere else on this particular Sunday. And this isn't because she has some religious problem with having fun on a Sunday. And it isn't even that it is a "school night" and she has to be home by a certain time on Sunday to get some sleep. This is every Sunday, that, unless it is followed by one of those Monday holidays or that she is taking a personal vacation day on the following Monday, she cannot do anything fun on a Sunday, because she is too busy feeling sorry for herself that she has to go to work the next day on Monday.

Seriously, this is what the woman does.

But life goes on, and you forget that this is what she does, until she says that she can't do something, because it is on a Sunday. So the rest of us (when we have money, which I currently do not) go out to dinner once a month on a Sunday, and she never goes, and you forget that is why she doesn't go. You think that she doesn't have money or that she is busy that day or that that particular restaurant is too far of a drive, or whatever. But then once in a while, the group goes to her favorite restaurant or one that is two blocks from her place, and you think that you will see her there, and you say something about it, but she says that she can't go because it is Sunday.

And then, if you have heard the explanation before, then you remember and maybe try to talk her out of staying home. If you have not heard the explanation, you think that she is joking. And then she goes on about it, how the whole day is ruined because she has to go to work the next day, and you are just shocked and don't know what to say.

For the rest of us, maybe we don't stay out late on a Sunday, and maybe we are busy on a certain Sunday, and maybe we spend a certain amount of time at church or something. For some of us, Sunday is just another day that is no different from any other day. For most of us, Sunday is half of our weekend, and we don't waste it worrying about Monday. But for Miss Allergies it is just not a day during which a person can plan to do anything fun.

So here our friend the pilot has planned something fun, and most of the rest of us has agreed that it would be fun, and Miss Allergies is probably going to either ruin it or try to have it moved to a Saturday, or maybe a Friday night.

Friday nights are not good for people who have concerns about staying out late. Not that anyone needs to get up early the next morning, just the staying up late and then having to drive someplace is not a good idea. And I am thinking that except for me, most people have other things that they would want to do on a Saturday. And, I am thinking that the pilot might have thought that Sunday would either be easier on him (or his wife, or someone else in his family having to share the house with many guests) or that it might be preferred by the friend having the birthday.

As I do not have a job right now, it is probably not going to matter to me if it is between a Sunday or a Saturday. But, if I have the chance to go out of town to someplace cool, and I have to miss this, I will. I think if it gets moved to some day that I have a chance to do something else and I could have gone if it were left on the original Sunday, I'm going to be really mad that I have to choose.

At some point, I think if some of us are going to make plans, and Sunday works for most people, then we have to go with Sunday, even if that means that Miss Allergies chooses not to go with us. It is her choice to not go with us, not that she has to be somewhere else.

Okay, end of rant.

Now I'm going to go knit something.


Ananda girl said...

Well for what its worth, I agree with you. If she had to work or do something important that might be a reason to consider her request for another night, but that is pure selfishness on her part to make everyone else miss using that day. Let her wallow in self-pity all alone.

dmarks said...

Well... I think it'd be different if Miss Allergies reasons were well explained by her, consistent, and made sense.

But they aren't.