Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday Morons

Okay, so I said that I might address a certain other blogger today, but I think that can wait. But what there was this one question--didn't your mother ever teach you not to make fun of other people?

Well, maybe she was busy teaching me other things, like keeping my legs together and stuff like that. But she did tell me not to make fun of other people for things that are not actually funny and things that are not their fault. So I don't make fun of people with crossed eyes, and I don't make fun of retarded people, etc....

But when people deliberately go off and do stupid things and things to hurt other people and things that most of us think are immoral, there's no reason that I should keep my mouth shut about those people doing stupid and/or hurtful and/or immoral things. In fact, I think that if more people would make fun of them, maybe they would change their behavior.

So rather than get into the whole thing about this other blogger, I'd like to repeat a story I heard Saturday about a former friend of mine.

Well, the story starts out sad. The son of this former friend was killed in a car crash. At the time of the car crash, I was away on a six month business trip. I didn't hear about the car crash until about a week or two later, and I missed the funeral and everything. By the time I got home the kid had been gone several months and people weren't even talking about it much anymore. It was just very strange for me, since the last time I'd seen him was the New Years Eve party when he was talking about college courses he was going to sign up for and jobs he wanted, and then he was just gone, and the next New Years Eve we were all in his home talking about him in the past tense.

I didn't notice it at first, but this former friend just didn't handle the whole thing very well. In fact, he did some really stupid things. He took trips and he gave away a lot of his money to a musician as an "investment" and stuff like that. He probably had an affair with this musician and eventually ended up with another woman half his age. He stopped coming around, and I didn't see much of him.

Now all of that stuff is pretty stupid, but people are allowed to do stupid stuff once in a while. Except that this guy has been married for like thirty years. I'm sorry that he was hurting, but the rest of his family was hurting too, and they needed him. But he couldn't be bothered with that, and he went off and did whatever he felt like doing and the hell with everyone else.

He gave away a lot of their money, some of it without her permission, and some of it she did sign papers for, but she was mislead about what was really going on. She did not agree to the "investment" in the musician. He said he needed money for other things, like repairing the house. The house currently has roof damage and such and she has no money for the repairs. She works seven days a week trying to pay the regular household bills.

So they've been split up for several years now, but most people have kept quiet about it until maybe a year ago. That's when he started pressuring her to move out so he could sell the house. Until then she believed that they could work things out, and she didn't even have a lawyer. And every time she starts to do something about him, he says he wants to go to counseling or something, so everything gets put on hold again. And since no one has actually filed for divorce yet, he is not under court order to pay the bills and such, and he spends his money filling his apartment with big screen TVs and computer stuff.

So a while back, he wanted some photographs of the current girlfriend who is half his age. The first odd thing was that he asked that the photographer's wife not be present. Somehow the photographer's wife would be offensive to the girlfriend. This is not the case with most of the photographer's clients. Most of the clients would rather have another woman around. I mean, you're less likely to worry about the photographer doing or saying something inappropriate in front of his wife. So that part just doesn't make sense, unless maybe the girlfriend just gets offended anytime she's in the room with a more attractive woman. Get over it.

Anyway, the photographer takes all kinds of photos of people. So regardless of what kind of photos you came in for, he's probably going to suggest other photos, cause he likes to make money. And also he has bets with people on how long it takes him to get women out of their clothes after he suggests a nude photo session.

In this case it was 22 minutes.

I don't know what kind of pictures my former friend was expecting, but part of what was taken was a nude picture of this woman squatting down and playing the violin. She was holding the violin in her a**.

Apparently this picture was on My Space for a while. I did not see this picture, because it was taken down before I heard this part of the story. But anyway, the former friend and his half-age girlfriend and his wife were all supposed to go to court this week, and another friend of mine suggested that they circulate this picture right before the court date to rattle the former friend and the violin player. But, the court date has been canceled, or at least postponed, because the guy talked his wife into mediation or something, which is what aways happens when it looks like someone is finally going to make him pay her some money.

So the circulation of this picture hasn't happened yet, and I still have not seen it. I normally do not look at such things, but I think in this case I will have to make an exception.

And yes, when I get the picture, I will be making fun of her.


evil-e said...

That is seriously wacked tale....the bad part is, you could not sell this stuff to a publisher or a network as fiction. Life just writes itself.

Babybull40 said...

Some people have no clue and go through life so clueless that they do deserve to be made fun of..As for this other blogger.. I hope they realize they will lose readers by making fun of someone for something they might not be able to help..

laughingattheslut said...

Actually, that was her question to me when I mentioned that she f***** four other people. So I just thought I'd answer that one question before I wrote about the rest of it. And the truth is that her f****** sex party is not what I have against her, but it does happen to be funny. And if she didn't want anyone to know about it, she shouldn't write it in her blog. Specially since she knows that only me and like three other people are reading her blog, and that is something that the four of us would laugh at.

Apparently, this person does not have a clue what I have against her, so I'll have to get around to telling her. Just not today. I'm a little busy right now.

Rachel said...

Wow.. I hope that I never piss you off. I don't ever want to be a Monday Moron.

David in DC said...

I'm often a moron, Monday through Sunday. But I, too, hope I never piss you off. :)

laughingattheslut said...

You know I went and rewrote part of a post so that I didn't mention your names when I thought that one of those morons might be reading. And every time I hear that one of you has a problem, I also hear that you are doing your best to deal with it. So I doubt you guys get anyone serious pissed.

I just do not even know who I am more ticked off at this week, but it's definitely not anyone who has commented on my blog this week.

dmarks said...
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dmarks said...

Will violin lady make it to this blog?