Saturday, June 16, 2007

Monday Morons--updates

Well, last month I wrote a bit about people who steal. I'd worked at a place where a lot of toilet paper had gone missing in less than half an hour, so I knew someone must have taken it. I wondered what would have happened if they had been caught stealing the toilet paper.
Well, now someone has been caught stealing toilet paper. I still half think this one is a joke. The woman's name is Butts.

Moving on.

In case you do not remember the tale of my former friend and the violin up her a** woman, click here :

I've just heard that the former friend and the violin a** woman got married a couple of weeks ago. This was quite a surprise, since I did not even know that the divorce was final, and it takes two months to finalize a divorce here, and then you have to wait another month to marry someone else. If for some reason you wish to remarry the person you've just divorced, the month waiting period is waived.

The divorce did not go as well as we'd hoped for the woman who is still my friend. Not only is the former friend not expected to pay her anything so that she can keep the house, but if she is going to try to keep the house anyway she's been ordered to refinance the house so that she can pay him some money. I hated to ask the woman to keep repeating herself, but I wasn't clear on the amount. She either said fifteen thousand or fifty thousand. I thought at first she'd said fifteen, but that doesn't seem like a large enough amount to refinance a house over. On the other hand, I can't imagine that after all those years he isn't ordered to pay her anything, and she shouldn't owe him fifteen thousand much less fifty thousand.

No one told me when the former friend had gotten married. It just happened to come up as part of another story that I heard this weekend. The photographer who took the picture of the woman with the violin up her a** has split with his wife. And the photographer is now dating the best friend of the violin a** woman. Only the person telling me that story referred to the violin a** woman as the former friend's wife, and I was like I must be hearing that wrong. But no, the former friend got a divorce from the woman he's spent decades raising children with, got married to someone half his age, and the best friend of the new wife is now dating the photographer. The new wife and her best friend are Hungarian.

I don't think that the photographer and his wife are divorced yet. But they have definitely split and are living in separate houses. The odd thing to me is the reason for the split.

The photographer talked his wife into "swinging". I hope that I don't have to explain the term, because it's really awful. Anyway, I've known these people a while, but this bit I hadn't heard til maybe around New Year's. So I don't know how reluctant she was to try this, but it was definitely not her idea. So after a while she meets someone she really likes, and her husband doesn't like that and demands that she stop seeing him. Sorry, this was your dumb idea to start with. So the photographer and his wife are splitting up because she either met someone more attractive or someone nicer or someone better at sex or whatever, and the photographer just couldn't have that.

What? It's okay for you to go out and try to find someone better than me, but if I find someone better than you that's bad? I don't think so.

I had no idea I lived in such a soap opera.


evil-e said...

I am dizzy now. What a bunch of crazy messed up stuff. So the wandering minstrel got divorced and remarried. I just hope he has the musical talent to keep her happy.

As far as the swinging photographer goes, I have one thing for him: He soiled the bed, now he can sleep in it--alone!

Your life seems pretty boring compared to all that.

laughingattheslut said...

Oh, and you might want to know that the swinging photographer was married to Princess Leia bikini lady, so I really don't know what possessed him to want to get into swinging in the first place.

evil-e said...

Maybe he was just generous??