Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The main fun part of the trip

We began our trip by driving to a suburb of Oklahoma City. We have made trips to Kansas City before, and if we drive straight there we are usually too tired to enjoy ourselves. So, Saturday night we drove almost four hours to get to our first motel. Maybe we should have reserved a room in Davis instead. That last half-hour or so was hard. We were listening to The Invisible Man during the drive, so it was mostly okay,and it didn't seem terribly long. But that last part was past our bedtime.

There were waffles for breakfast Sunday morning. I started to make them myself, since that is what one normally does, but one of the motel employees jumped up and said "I make the waffles here." Okay, not a problem, make us a waffle. Whatever.

We left the motel at about nine and arrived at about four. One the way we listened to a young adult book on tape and we stopped at a couple of McDonald's. We're going to win that million dollars any day now.

Once we got to the Kansas City area we went to dinner at KC Masterpiece. We didn't go to the location we have gone to on previous trips, and this restaurant somehow didn't seem as nice as the other one. But the food is still good.

After dinner we went to one of the new haunted houses in Kansas City. I discovered an ad for this one just the day before, and it had an Edgar Allen Poe theme. I wondered if they had bought out the competition, and one of the workers told me that they bought the building after the owner of the other haunted house died.

I'm sorry to say that at this time I cannot recommend the new haunted house. There were several places with steps that were not proper lit, and at one point I fell down four stairs that were not lit at all. I have not gone to the hospital, as I think that this bruise on my right knee is the worst of it. I think by the end of the week I won't even notice it.

Monday we went to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. I was a bit worried that the festival would not be as good on one of these Monday holidays that we all tend to forget about. But there were plenty of people there, and we were early enough to get a really excellent parking space.

We had two pleasant surprises. I had expected the tickets to be in the fifteen to twenty dollar range, but on that day there was a special price of 2 for $15. Cool. Next, when we went to watch the first two shows, those particular entertainers had decided to decline tips.

Apparently, the place was filled with dimwit teenagers. Not that there aren't normally dimwit teenager at the fairs, but those are somewhat dimwit younger versions of us, and these were just regular dimwit teenagers. For some reason, whole bus loads of mostly unsupervised teenagers were encouraged to come to the fair that day. Maybe they even got in for free. Anyway, they were not "us" and I'm sure that they didn't have a clue about tipping at the end of shows or anything like that.

The weather that day started out cloudy, but it didn't actually rain once we got to the fair. Later the sun came out, and the weather was perfect. But it had rained on and off the whole weekend, and being there on the third day after all of that was a bit unpleasant. There was just tons and tons of mud. Straw was put out Saturday, but by Monday it wasn't of much help.

We did the usual stuff. We went to see the Jolly Rogers. When it came time to collect tips, Devon was pulling money out of someone's bra with his teeth. We usually watch this big bald guy juggle bowling balls, but he wasn't there that day. And we watched the falcon show and a joust.

I tried to be good and not spend much. I bought a dram of fragrance oil called Thunderstorm. We bought a dozen incense sticks, and my husband bought a DVD. My husband stood in a long line to get a cappuccino, only to be told that the machine wasn't working. We had a blueberry scone and some kettle corn. Since we had been to KC Masterpiece and were planning more barbecue in the near future, I did not want any meat sandwiches or anything remotely like barbecue. So I had a Pirate Special crepe for lunch. Not bad.

We're old. We get tired sooner than we used to. We left right after the joust.

From there we went to another barbecue place called Jack Stack Barbecue. We had the burnt ends starter and the Roundup Dinner for Two with cheesy cornbake. This was more like I remembered from the other KC Masterpiece. We ordered extra sauce and stuff to go, so with the tip and all with ended up spending almost sixty dollars.

So yesterday, I was really tired. On the way from Kansas City we listened to a Stephen King story. After I got here, I ate lunch, and that was about it. I didn't do anything except watch TV. I didn't knit or anything.

Well, earlier I had said that if I didn't pack properly or if I needed a common yarn or sewing item, I wouldn't need to worry since that stuff was available at most Walmarts. Unfortunately, this particular Walmart has recently gotten rid of it's fabric department and most of the craft stuff. So no purple yarn, and no elastic. The purple yarn I can do without, but I can't work on my Halloween costume without more black elastic. This rather sucks. And if there is a fabric store anywhere in the county, I can't find it in the phone book. I found two places that fix sewing machines. Surely someone sells fabric and such if there's two places that repair sewing machines.

Oh, well. I will have to find that stuff during the weekend and work on it next week.

The computer is a bit odd. I cannot find things as easily as I can at home. Yesterday, we couldn't get online at all. Most of the time, I can post stuff on my own blog, but I cannot leave comments on other people's blogs. So that's all a bit odd. Not that I'll have much time on the computer for that sort of thing anyway. But I hope that everyone keeps writing, cause I am still trying to read stuff even if I can't leave comments. And the stuff that I can't read I'll read after I go home.

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