Friday, October 26, 2007

Freaky Friday

This week has been a busy week with the Google searches. I usually print the list twice a week, but this time I printed the list three times and still managed to miss a few things between Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon. Probably mostly searches for a giant penis or dick costume. The week before Halloween just has a lot of those.

Someone Googled Neewollah haunted house. But if there was such a thing, I didn't find out about it much less get to go to it, so I'm sure I wasn't much help there.

Next someone Googled why did I take that job, and was directed to my post about working at the Halloween store last year.

Someone was looking for Underwoods Barbecue Dallas. I don't know if Dallas ever had one. I'm pretty sure that there isn't one now. Anyway, you're better off without it.

Someone Googled the smell of diet Coke. Okay. Other readers of the diet drink review Googled half regular half diet Coke, Fresca how much grapefruit, and Coke mixed with half a glass of milk. Coke mixed with milk? Yuck.

Someone else wants to know about five gallon buckets stuck together.

I am currently the number one Google search for Almost everyone is going to hell. Also in that category this week we have two searches for "are a lot of Christians going to hell?" Well, technically, there are no Christians going to hell. However, there may be a lot of people calling themselves Christians who are are going to hell, or the really sad case of people who think that they are Christians who are going to hell. But no actual Christians are going to hell.

We have more people looking for Rudy's BBQ.

Here is a really long Google search: kc renfest mud galerie OR bilder Or pics Or picture Or pictures OR gallery OR photo OR galleries OR album OR gallery. You have to really go a ways down the list to get to my posts about the Kansas City Renfest, and like most of my other posts there are not photos.

Someone was looking for the Marie Callender's semi-annual pie sale 2007. I did actually get a pie during the recent trip. For three weeks I planned to buy a blueberry pie or maybe some other fruit pie, but then I ended up buying a key lime pie instead. Anyway, the sale was for the month of October. If the one sale is in October, then you'd think that the other one would be in the month of April, but I have been unable to confirm this.

Someone Googled cheat for Freaky Friday. I have no idea what that's about.

Some Googled Kansas middle of nowhere, and someone else Googled Price Tower Art Center. They were directed to the posts I made in October of 2006 during that trip to Kansas and north Oklahoma. I didn't blog about them as much this year. Didn't feel the need to totally rewrite the same posts.

There were a couple of searches for Babylon 5 Garibaldi shoots Bester, and they were directed to my post about meeting the guy in the Vorlon suit.

Someone also Googled "Sarah Jane Smith" and "type of car." I would think that this has to do with the Dr. Who spin-off, but I haven't a clue about cars in general and don't know about this one in particular. Sorry I couldn't be of any help.

Someone Googled "killed chicken." I'm not sure what they were looking for, but they were directed what I wrote a few days ago about deciding not to be a vegetarian.

Someone Googled Murphy's Laws and Other Truths and was directed to my post about having to be in a group photo next to someone who couldn't even bother to put on a clean shirt. I have another post that they might have liked better, but that's probably not what they were looking for either.

Someone was looking for 15 floor haunted house in Texas. I don't know about it. If you do, please share. I love haunted houses, except maybe for the one in Kansas City that I fell down in about three weeks ago.

Among the many, many searches having to do with the giant penis costume, someone wanted to know how to make a plaster mold of husbands penis. I can't help on that one.

Someone Googled Dallas International Wildlife Park. It wasn't in Dallas, but close by in Grand Prairie. I worked there for a year. It's been closed now for over ten years. It took over the place after Lion Country Safari left. No one is there now that I know of. And you shouldn't go looking too hard for them. Remember that trespassers will be eaten.

Someone Googled Bath and Body Works Wallflowers and risk of fire. I don't really know about that. Just that one of my readers warned me to be careful with them.

Someone just Googled insidious, and I don't have a clue if they were looking for me or what. Maybe they were looking for the Homewrecking-Slut. That would be funny. Really, that had been the idea, but I doubt that ever happened.

Someone Googled "If they don't wear a costume." Well, some people are just dull, aren't they?

A couple more people were directed to the post about not being a vegetarian by Googling "my rabbit coat" and "leather vegetarian." I had a one-time reader leave a comment on that one.

Okay, here's the count for this week.

Giant Penis--22

People going to hell--3

Diet Drinks--4


Rudy's BBQ--3



Sluts R Us--1

Bath & Body Works--1

And the top twelve keywords are: costume penis dick giant texas state going fair hell the rudy's BBQ

Everyone have a fun and safe weekend. Leave comments.


Wavemancali said...

Just to sooth your curious soul... someone looking for a "cheat for Freaky Friday" has just purchased the DVD and is looking for hidden features on the DVD that DVD producers throw in there.

For example:

Alternate Paper Doll Costumes
On the [Main Menu] click on the fortune cookie at the bottom of the screen to change the clothes on the Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis paper dolls.

Jamie Lee Clip
From the [Special Features] menu go to the [Music Video] section. Click on the picture of Jamie Lee Curtis at the bottom of the screen to see the clip of Jamie playing guitar backstage at the House of Blues.

The silly things geeks know huh?

dmarks said...

A 15-floor haunted house would be truly awesome. Here, we have haunted ships, haunted cornfield, and haunted hayrides.

I have some good ones in my searches for the last week:

"halloween when you have a beard" - David in DC immediately comes to mind.

"Nude Neighbors" - I do get this one on occasion.

Two people are looking for a "Sleestak Mask"

"Pumpkinhead Legend Ohio" - Tara and Evil E, have you seen this legendary figure?

One of my favorites yet since tracking: "Star Trek Sledding". Well, I suppose the saucer section would go down snowy slopes pretty well.