Saturday, October 06, 2007

Monday Morons--Us

I'm either going to post this very early, or maybe I won't actually post this until Tuesday, I'm not sure which yet. As you may recall my husband and I are going to Kansas for a bit. So I'll either be posting this before we leave or after we get there.

Anyway, my husband requested an assignment in Kansas so that we could spend some time in Kansas City and go to the ren fest and maybe do some other stuff. He must have made this request two months ago. I think he repeated the request three or four weeks ago.

Did we clean house and do laundry and pack and get stuff ready just in case we got to go?

Of course not.

A little over two weeks ago we were looking at the schedule and saw that we were going to get to go to Kansas and that we were going to get to go at the right time to go to the ren fest and such. Did we clean house and do laundry and pack and get stuff ready to go then?

Of course not.

A few days after that my husband got a phone call from his boss confirming that we would be going to Kansas and that he would be working in northern Oklahoma the week after the week in Kansas. So we didn't have to worry about that long drive home right after we went to Kansas City. So we're getting to do a bit more tourist stuff cause we're staying longer. Did we clean house and do laundry and pack and get stuff ready to go then?

Of course not.

I have been trying to get my school art stuff a bit more organized so that I don't get too much behind while I'm away. I made that my priority these past two weeks, but for various reasons that didn't work out the way I had hoped, and I'm just going to have a ton of work to do when I get back. Or I might file for an Incomplete. I don't know. I'll have to talk to the professor when I get back.

So is the house clean and the laundry all done and are we all packed and ready to go?

Of course not.

Okay, so the house doesn't actually have to be clean for us to take a trip. But the yard is supposed to be mowed and some stuff like that done, and some of it did not get done. And I guess I have this fear of something happening to us while we're away, and someone will have to come in the house and see that I haven't cleaned the bathroom or the kitchen in a month. Stuff like that tends to bother me a bit and keeps me from totally enjoying the trip.

Not that it bothers me enough to get up and clean the place.

My husband goes out of town often enough that he always has some of the stuff already packed. It's then just a matter of washing and packing a few more shirts and some socks. And if you run out of socks you can always buy more at Walmart, so we don't worry about that too much.

I also have been out of town often enough that some of my stuff stays packed. But not as much as his, and often I unpack something and I forget where I put it.

So the beginning of our trip is now just hours away, and I'm doing laundry. Most of the house cleaning will just not get done. And I still have to sort through yarn and get the knitting machine and such ready to go.

I have not even made good use of my time today. I found some coupons that I had misplaced, so I keep wanting to make one more trip to Bath & Body Works. And there's a bunch of yarn on sell at Hobby Lobby. And there's always a few things that I should pick up at Walmart. But I finally managed to limit my errands to buying gas, buying lotto tickets, eating lunch, and dropping off something at my brother's place.

I talked to my mom for a bit. We discussed something which is going on with a family member which we are not supposed to be talking about. So why did she tell me? I can't talk about it if you don't tell me.

I have almost finished packing. Actually packing clothes and toothpaste and such doesn't worry me much anymore. If I forget to pack socks or even pants I can buy some more wherever we're going. If I forget to pack certain colors of yarn or something that goes with the knitting machine or something that goes with the Halloween costume that I am working on, that would be really annoying. If I forget to pack my birthcontrol pills, then I'm seriously screwed. So that's what I worry about packing: birthcontrol pills first, Halloween stuff, knitting stuff next, and clothes and toothpaste last.

Damn, I forgot to go to the library. I'll be right back.

Okay, that's one more thing off the list. About an hour left. The dishes are washed and the laundry is done. The clothes and the birthcontrol pills are packed. The knitting stuff could be a little more organized, but I think it's okay.

Some of the yarn is missing. Maybe it's already in the car? If not, it's a common color available at most Walmarts.

Do I want to wear a purple flower wreath to the ren fair? Probably not, as I do not think I will be wearing anything else that day that is purple.

I need an aspirin. I think that I packed some aspirin. I think that I'll go unpack it.

Okay, the house is still a mess, but there are clean dishes. Where did all this junk come from? I had most of it straightened up during all the drama last year. But most of this stuff is mine, so it can't just be that his stuff is in my way.

Just waiting for my husband to get off from work. Any minute now I can get out of here.

Just waiting. Any minute now.

Got to go. Later.


dmarks said...

"And if you run out of socks you can always buy more at Walmart, so we don't worry about that too much."

I plan on blogging about Wal-Mart sometime soon, but this raises a comment I have about it. It's nice to know that if you travel somewhere, and forget to take something, that there is a huge 24 hour superstore like Wal-Mart or Meijer where you can get just about anything.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Have fun at teh ren faire - I am glad you and your husband will have some time away toegther - it's never fun to clean and organize so I can understand putting it off for a long time - it's always procrastination hell around here..

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Have a good time. The world doesn't end if you don't clean the house.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I hope you have a blast.

David in DC said...

We moved into our 3-bedroom house from a two-bedroom townhouse in September of 2001.

Since there's only RFB and me, we used the 3rd bedroom for the boxes of stuff that didn't need unpacking right away. I also have my dresser in there because RFB needed a little more room for her clothes in our room.

Over the years, it's become a sort of catch-all storage space.

This weekend, 6 years after we moved in, Monkeyboy suggested "You know, if we moved all this stuff out of here, it could be a guest bedroom."

I'll bet you get around to cleaning up the house loooooong before we follow Monkeyboy's totally logical suggestion.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff.