Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The bit of good news

Okay, this isn't just the most incredible news or anything like that, but we are looking forward to it. If you haven't heard me mention it before, we like to go to Kansas City in the fall. There is the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, and several big haunted houses, and bbq is good any time of the year. But the main thing that we like is the ren fest, and that's a limited time only thing, and the last day it is open this year is Oct. 14th.

Once in a while my husband says to his bosses, if you need anyone to go someplace interesting, like Kansas City, I'd like to go. And they say, we'll keep that in mind. And then he'll say, we've never been to Colorado, so if you need someone in Colorado before it gets too cold, send me, okay? And they say, we'll keep that in mind.

But mostly, that doesn't happen. More likely what happens is when there's not enough work to go around in Texas, he reminds them that he doesn't mind going to Oklahoma or Arkansas once in a while. And they say, okay. That conversation is usually followed a few weeks later by, I'm kind of getting tired of Oklahoma, and I'd rather stay close to home for a while. And they usually say, okay.

So a while back he asked about Kansas City, and they said that they didn't really need anyone in Kansas City, but there was a lot of stuff coming up in other parts of Kansas. So they said, we'll keep that in mind. And then the weeks went by, and nothing more was said about Kansas. So a couple of weeks ago he mentioned to them that the thing he wanted to do in Kansas City was about to close for the year, and if they were still thinking of sending him to Kansas he would rather go sooner than later.

So we checked the schedule, and he's going to Kansas next week. Not Kansas City, and not even a suburb of Kansas City. But we will be in Kansas, and Kansas City will only be a three hour drive from where he's working, so we should be able to get to the place for one day at the Ren Fest.

Yesterday he got a call from one of his bosses, and so we're waiting to hear that the trip to Kansas has been cancelled. But no, he just wanted to make sure that he didn't mind staying in the area a bit and working in northern Oklahoma the week after that. Which we don't mind, and that will help with the drive time while we're out doing tourist stuff.

It does rather suck as far as school is concerned. Now I'm be missing two weeks of school instead of one, and the schedule has been rearranged a bit so that while I'm away they will be doing the project that I thought I'd need the most help with. Not that the professor won't still help me when I get back. But why couldn't the schedule be rearranged so that the nude model is here while I'm away. I've already declined to work on that project.

But I'm still mostly happy about both school and the travel plans. If I'm out of town a third week, then I'll be unhappy. I just can't miss the Halloween Party.

I don't know where exactly we are going in Oklahoma, but the funny thing is that the place we're going to in Kansas is the same place that we went to last year, which I posted here here here here here and here. Only last year we went a week too late to go to the Ren Fest, and we didn't have time to go to Kansas City at all.

We will probably make a side trip to the Price Tower and eat at the Copper Restaurant again. We probably will not take the tour again. The place is just too damned small to start with, and they don't want you to step on the precious carpet. Once was enough.

I should go to school today and put in some extra hours. I will post more about the trip later.


dmarks said...

You lucky ducks, going into the Price Tower again!

Also, congrats on your true blog anniversary. It's belated, buy anyway here it is. You've had this blog going for a year and a couple of weeks now.

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Hope you enjoy your trip, looking forward to hearing about it.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

How cool.