Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Morons--a bit of this and that

Well, not much to say really. The person that would most qualify for this week's Monday Moron would be my husband. And I really don't want to get into it about my husband.

Okay, maybe I'll just say this one thing. We keep having fights. Before all this stuff happened, I had mostly stopped fighting with him because I just got tired of being his mommy. I got tired of worrying about the bills and such. I just ignored it. If he wants to run up his credit cards on pizza and junk, I can't stop him, so I decided to mostly keep my mouth shut about it. Eventually, he'd have to stop doing that sort of thing. Credit card companies eventually want their money. Only while I was being such a nice person about the whole thing, he took my credit card. And then he did a bunch of other stuff that I won't get into right now. And then he borrowed three thousand dollars from my mother because he didn't want to file for unemployment. I yelled a lot when I discovered that he'd used my credit card, but other than that I didn't say much. I had school and my health to think about, and I couldn't deal with his problems too. I just made it clear that he made the mess and he'd clean it up, and I wasn't going to help.

But that was only money, and I'd somehow convinced myself that it didn't matter, that we had the important stuff, etc... And I was mostly okay, and we didn't fight much. But after all that stuff that happened, I can't just look the other way and say that's it's only money. And maybe it isn't only the money. I can't trust him with anything now.

So we got some good news last week, and we were happy about it. And then yesterday he was talking about getting a new computer. And he knows how I feel about it and that I will not agree to buying a new computer until he has paid my mother back and paid off my credit card. I really don't want to talk about the computer, and I hate that he already spends so much time on this one. I wouldn't want a new computer even if we could afford one. But he still has to bring it up. And most of the time I don't bug him about the bills and about the money he owes my mother, but if he's going to bring up the computer, I guess that I have to remind him that we will not be getting a computer until he pays off my mom and takes care of that credit card.

His response was to say "Screw you and screw your mom."

He did not speak that way before he met certain undesirable people online. Whatever might have been going on in his head, he didn't say things like that. But he I guess that he did always have this confused way of thinking, and I just didn't want to see it before. He does this stuff, and somehow it's not a problem, but if you remind him that he's done something, then that's a problem.

Anyway, usually he does this stupid stuff, and then he apologizes. I keep hoping that it will someday sink in that I don't want to have fights and then kiss and make-up. I want him to quit doing the stuff in the first place. But, no, there gets to be more and more stuff, and then we fight and he apologizes.

Only this time he didn't apologize. He doesn't think that he's done anything wrong. He didn't even apologize for "Screw you and screw your mom."

Well, I didn't think that he could still make me feel bad. I mean physically feel bad. I'd felt pretty good for a few months, and I thought that I was done with that. But I couldn't get to sleep much last night because my skin hurts.

Well, I didn't mean to talk that much about him. I was going to talk about a few other odd things that happened this week, mostly with the eBay stuff.

In case you didn't catch it before, I posted here and here about someone tampering with my husband's blog and his eBay account. Basically, I think that the Homewrecking-slut or some friend of hers did it. So Saturday I noticed another silly bit of business. Someone had changed our listed location to Ireland. Not a big deal, and it was something that most have been done last year. I had even thought that maybe he'd done that himself as a joke. But apparently he'd never seen that before Saturday, so I guess that he didn't do that either.

The other thing that is annoying about the eBay stuff is that so far I don't have any bids. Sometimes, I can't even find all of the listings. If I can't find them, and I know they are there, how is anyone else supposed to find them. And if the customers can't find them, then I won't get any bids.

And yesterday I checked on one of my listings, and I clicked on the thing that is supposed to show you everything that is being sold by the person that listed the item you're looking at, and only four of my listings popped up. I have six listings, not four. It seems to be working now, and I see all six listings.

EBay just cannot deal with the word Jack'O'Lantern. If you search for Jack'O'Lantern, it becomes Jackolantern, and then tells you there are not any listings for Jackolantern. So sometimes people can't find my soaps that are listed under Pumpkin, and now they can't find them listed under Jack'O'Lantern at all.

The other thing that's annoying is while I haven't got any bids on my set of three soaps, someone else will probably end up buying two soaps for the same price that I wanted for my three. Or maybe they'll end up spending more than that. I've seen people bid on stuff that was a good deal when they started bidding, but at the end of the auction they didn't get much of a deal. People are buying $10 Starbucks gift cards for $9.33 or maybe $8.50 plus shipping. I just want to go "hey, look, my stuff is a better deal" or "my stuff is more interesting" or whatever.

I noticed that people are selling coupons on eBay. I thought selling coupons was illegal. Some people are selling "a Christmas card with free coupons" or they make a big deal about the coupons being free but they need to be paid for their time. I think that the Christmas card thing might keep a person from getting arrested, but not the bit about needed to be paid for time. And you would think that either way eBay would know it's illegal and get rid of that stuff, even the people who are selling Christmas cards.


dmarks said...

eBay policies allow coupon selling if it is ok with the coupon company.

As for the annoying computer hacker; changing the password might help?

Hope this comment goes through. I can't log into blogger the regular way.

CarmenSinCity said...

Wow - I can see why you are fighting with your husband. I think I'd be really fed up too. Unfortunately, I'm really bad with money, but at least it's my own money and I didn't take anyone else's.

I hope things get better at home :)

You are totally inspiring me to start selling stuff on E-Bay. I don't even know what I'd sell though. I'm a packrat, so I'm sure I can find something to sell.

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

The coupons I paid for on Ebay were like a dollar or something and many times I didn't even have to pay for shipping seeing they would be mailed normally and not by courier.. Whether or not it's leagla.. I'm not sure.. Some of the coupons I hadn't seen before and some were for going out to dinner and such.. I ended up never using them...So in a way the money spent was wasted...even though its was only a buck or two....

Sorry you having problems with your Husband... it sounds like he doesn't want to take resposibility for his actions and is very ungrateful to you and your Mother... hard to believe he is dissing your Mom.. Hope things get better for you...