Friday, January 11, 2008

Freaky Friday

Before I get to the Google searches, I'd like to remind everyone that there's some new TV on now. Ghost Whisperer, Moonlight, and Numbers are all new episodes tonight. But perhaps more importantly, the new Terminator series starts Sunday night.

The first Google search of the week was for Dennigers Foods. I never wrote anything about this place, and so far as I know I have never been to this place. But one of my readers left a comment mentioning it, so someone was led to my blog by mistake.

Some unhappy person Googled my family did not get my kids any Christmas presents. Well, that's sad isn't it.

Another person found me after Googling legs r us.

Someone was looking for drive-thru wildlife north texas. That person was led to one of my posts about jobs I didn't like. I used to work for International Wildlife Park, but that location isn't there anymore, and hasn't been for more than ten years.

Fans of Rudy's BBQ Googled green chile stew at Rudy's and Rudy's BBQ nutritional values. Once again, let me remind the readers that BBQ doesn't have any nutritional values and is to be eaten just for the taste. And while I am on the subject, let me say that I went to a place in Hurst yesterday called Danny Ds and did not like it at all. We were supposed to go to Colter's but discovered it was closed. We found another coupon for this Danny Ds in the same area, so we decided to try that instead. The meat was way too dry, and almost burnt.

The perverts Googled homemade penis mold a couple of times, and also making a mold of penis. Again, I haven't tried that yet. Though I have learned that the kit costs about ninety dollars.

Next we have the question--do Baptists believe everyone that is not Baptist is going to hell? Well, we believe that everyone who is not a Christian is going to hell. And, the further away from being Baptist you are, the greater the chance that you are not actually a Christian. So the short answer would be--almost. Here is the original post.

Someone found my blog after Googling Superbowl 2011. This led to a post about the idiots scheduling a game at a place that isn't even built yet.

Someone Googled eighties soloflex informercial. I never wrote anything about soloflex. I don't know anything about soloflex. But, again, someone left a comment about it.

My review of diet drinks is still getting read. This week people were looking for pepsi calories fountain drinks and calories in diet big red.

Here's an interesting one--sluts wear turtlenecks. Really, I suppose sluts wear all kinds of things, but I wouldn't think that turtlenecks would be their first choice. I realize I use the word slut quit a bit here, but not in relation to turtlenecks. The turtleneck bit was because of a post I wrote after listening to an audio-book called "I Feel Bad About My Neck." Still, my blog comes up second in that search.

Someone was looking for charity fast food. Unfortunately, this person was led to a post about having trouble with a guy in a wheelchair who accompanied the club to a charity thing.

Someone was looking for Haunted Granbury. This led to a post about a haunted house that I liked. But that was several years ago and I don't think that it's around anymore.

And there's another person looking for a Vorlon costume. Unfortunately, these people do not stick around and leave comments. And for the record, I do not have a Vorlon costume, but I did post about meeting the guy who wore it in the show.

Here's a search for sample annual physical forms. I don't know what that person was looking for, but the search led to my post describing my annual exam.

And another person wants to know about 5 gallon buckets stuck together. Well, that stuff happens, doesn't it.

This week I am number one for the Google search--my inlaws are morons. For the record, I did not actually say that my in-laws are morons, but that probably applies as well. But my post was about my husband being a moron, and that he doesn't help me with Christmas stuff, so I'm glad that we don't do Christmas stuff much with my in-laws anymore, cause I don't have a clue what to get for them.

Someone was looking for Jimmy Dips in Fort Worth. That was a wonderful Chinese restaurant, which unfortunately has been closed for ten or fifteen years now.

The last search for the week was about 31 inch wide refrigerators. I had some drama with that just last week. But I think that my problems with the kitchen are about to be over.

This week's rating was for using penis three times, crap two times, and dead once.

Here's the count for this week:


Rudy's BBQ--2

People going to hell--1



Diet Drinks--2

And the top twelve keywords are: costume, penis, the, dick, going, giant, hell, rudys, texas, bbq, diet, state


dmarks said...

Sorry for that s*l*flex comment: it's the gift that keeps on giving. Just like any reference to Chr*st*ne Baransk* Nude. And thanks for the Terminator reminder.

laughingattheslut said...

No problemo.

David in DC said...

I typed about a strange search phenomenon at my blog today. I published it and only then realized it was on a Friday. My very first search post, on a Friday.

Props to the originator! :)

laughingattheslut said...


But from my point of view, the originator was Killer. I pretty much copied the idea from one of his posts. It's been fun.