Friday, January 18, 2008

Freaky Friday

Well, it's Friday again, so you know what I'm going to post about. Some people don't like what I post about on Fridays. More about that later, maybe on a Monday.

Today's first Google search is--Rudy's barbeque nutritional information, and then there is also a search for Rudy's BBQ coupons and Rudy's coupon. Here is my review of Rudy's. Now, it has been said that I rarely have anything important to say about the Google searches, so why bother mentioning them? Well, really it was just supposed to be fun. But okay, let me say something important. I like BBQ well enough, and when I have BBQ I'd prefer to get it from someplace I know has good food like Rudy's. But I don't just really live for the stuff. My brother doesn't feel the same way about BBQ as I do. A few years ago, he took one of these online tests, and he got a life expectancy of 44 or 45. This did not cause him to get off his a** and do something about it. So I guess when I get around to my tenth year of blogging, I won't have a brother anymore. That's what happens when "adults" make bad choices in their lives. Fortunately, my brother's bad choices probably won't really hurt anyone except him; he's not a homewrecker, a drunk driver, someone who intentionally spreads STDs, an Enron executive, someone who makes babies and then doesn't take care of them, a drug addict, or someone who cheats on his taxes, etc... I hope that was important enough for everyone. Now I'm going to get back to having fun.

The next Google search is for Vernors caffeine. Vernors is a ginger ale, and it does not have caffeine. Also there was a search for cocacola no calorie truth. I have heard that no calorie sweeteners are actually allowed to have up to four calories, while a serving of plain old white sugar has sixteen calories. So sometimes I wonder if my regular Coke has 140 calories, does that mean that some of my diet drinks really have 35 calories instead of 0? For more about beverages, you can read my review of diet drinks.

Someone was looking for the Sluts R Us store. Okay, the store is not really called Sluts R Us. I believe it is called Electrique Boutique, and it is located in Lincoln Square in Arlington, between the Half Price Books and Olenjack's Grille. Also, people find my blog after Googling Nylons R Us. It seems like a lot of those people are from the UK, so I think that might be the name of an actual store there.

Then we have someone looking for 31 inch wide refrigerator and refrigerator clearance sales. I recently posted about buying a frig, but unfortunately it did not come from a clearance sale. In fact, we ended up paying extra for one of those service contracts.

Some Googled airlock scene cold sunshine, which I'm sure really doesn't seem to make sense to most people. But if you went to see the movie Sunshine, then it makes some sense. I wrote a review of the movie. I thought that the film was pretty good until Freddy Krueger showed up. After that...well...maybe the people making the movie ran out of money? ????

Someone found my blog by Googling timing of annual physical results. I don't know what they hoped to find, but they were directed to my post about getting my annual exam.

Someone found my blog after Googling Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles. So far I really like it. Here is a post about time travel theories in the Terminator movies and other stuff.

Someone has again found me after Googling Bath and Body Works wallflowers house fires. Okay, I love Bath and Body Works stuff and I love shopping in their stores, and so of course if you do a Google search then you'll eventually find me. But I do not have any special knowledge of whether or not wallflowers will cause house fires. Someone was nice enough to leave me a comment about the rumor. I haven't had any fires because of them, but then I've only been using them for about a year. And of course if they do cause problems, other similar products from other companies would pose the same risk. I would think that the ones with lights would be more of a problem than those without, and I bought one with a light but ended up not using it because my husband wants total darkness at night. Also, according to the rumors that my mom heard, the really dangerous products are made by a different company and are the kind that allow you to still use the electrical outlet while you are using the plug-in. But again, I do not have any special knowledge of such things, and those are just the rumors.

Most of the perverts went somewhere else this week. We only have a search for how to make a mould and how to mold a penis. Oh, and one search for the tricky dick costume. The post about the costume is here. As for the penis mold kit, I have learned that it costs about ninety dollars, but I don't remember where I found that, so I can't include the link for it. Sorry about that. Maybe later.

But then we did have someone looking for the vasectomy reversal billboard. I wrote this post about it. If you'd like to see what the ad looks like, click here. If you drive to Houston, you'll probably see it, but it turns up other places too.

There were two searches for Campo Verde black bean soup. They were directed to that meme post about favorite eating places. Campo Verde a cute place in Arlington with a miniature train and a lot of Christmas lights. But I'm guessing that the people doing the searching were looking for recipes. I don't know where one is. However, I have tried to copy the stuff myself, so maybe next time I'll pay attention to what I'm doing and write it all down and then come back and post a link to it.

Someone Googled Enik the Altrusian. The searcher was sent to my post about getting ready for a Halloween Party. I wish that my fellow fans of Land of Lost might stop and leave comments. How am I supposed to know where to find the cool people who Google that sort of thing if they don't leave comments?

Okay, here is someone who Googled see all walmart phones. Now I don't know what that is about, and I can't even find the link that directed that searcher to my blog, so I don't even know which post was read. Sorry to say that I have nothing to say about it, but what else can I say about it? Get over it.

Now the last Google search of the week was for "I'm going to bed" "and he does". I do not know what this person was looking for, I can only know what images come into my mind from those phrases. I don't write much of that sort of thing, but if you're really interested you can check out the sex list. But the searcher instead directed to this post explaining why the eBay stuff was still not listed. Now, this wasn't a Monday Morons post about my husband, but if I'd have waited a few days and punched it up some, it certainly could have been.

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

kill (5x) hell (4x) dick (1x)

Here's the count for this week:


Rudy's BBQ--3

People going to hell--0



Diet Drinks--2



And the top twelve keywords are: costume, penis, the, dick, going, giant, rudys, hell, texas, bbq, diet, state


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