Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A few annoyances

Ha, ha! Everybody missed the 300th post.

Just kidding. It's still there. You can scroll down and read it now. You can even still leave comments.

The first week of last month I read a couple of messages of interest. First, a message board that I used to frequent that has been offline is supposed to be back up and running on the 6th of January. And second, a blog that I had been reading purely because it was like reading a soap opera script would end as of the 7th of January.
It is now the first week of February. The message board is still not back up. And the soap opera-like blog is back, but only to invited guests, and I am not one of the invited guests.

Now, I can't really be upset at either development. I pay nothing to use the still missing message board. The person who runs it does not get paid for his services, and I don't think that he makes much of anything from the website itself. He is a volunteer. He gives his time because this is something he enjoys doing, and if sometimes something comes about in his real life that interferes with what he normally does on the Internet, I have no business complaining about it.

As for the soap opera blog not being public anymore, well, I am the one who suggested that she make the blog private rather than give up writing it. I can hardly get upset when she actually takes my advice. It's a bit annoying that she chooses now to take my advice, rather than say many months ago when I warned her about one of the many men in her life, but so be it. I very rarely left her any comments, and when I did I did so anonymously. For all I know she would have invited me to be one of those still allowed to read the blog, if only I had left her a way to get in touch with me. So I have no business complaining about that either.

I am now a week behind in ceramics class. I only meant to skip the one day. I had thought that all I had to do that day anyway was roll out a slab, and I wasn't about to give up a day out of town just to roll out a slab. Still, it's just as well that I didn't go to class that day, since that slab would probably now be too dry to work with.

I haven't felt good for about a week now. Nothing major most of the time, but at the very least I feel a bit queasy. Not a good feeling when I'm trying not to spend money and can't attempt to fix it by eating at certain restaurants and gobbling down whole bags of cookies. Last night I thought I'd go halfway and eat at Arby's. I thought that would make me feel better and not be as expensive as a Chinese buffet and not as bad for me as a whole bag of cookies. That worked for maybe an hour. But I had to try something. I hate the way the house is and I just had to get some work done, even if just for an hour.

My husband is home for another week. So that was several weeks off with no pay, and then two weeks in Shreveport with almost no pay. Then someone got sick and they were going to send him someplace better last week, only they couldn't send him because he'd left all of his stuff in Shreveport to work there. So then it was one more day in Shreveport, and then a day off, and then three days around here that weren't very good but not as bad as Shreveport. And now another week off.

I'm never quite comfortable when he is out of town for a week. But having him home for a whole week is somehow not quite right either. When he has a day off we either go out and spend money, which we are trying not to do, or he sits here all day blogging and such. This is annoying on so many levels, besides the obvious that if he is on the computer all of the time then I can't use it when I want.



dmarks said...

There are three of us who just rolled #400, and I was reading someone else yesterday who just rolled #300 (I can't recall who, but I think the blog is in my blogroll). It must be the season for it.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Congrats on over 300 posts. Wow!