Thursday, February 21, 2008

Freaky Friday

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:
pain (5x) hell (1x)

Maybe the blog rating thing needs maintenance?

Okay, I'm getting a lot of traffic to the post about the Terminator and time travel theories. There were questions about the movies and the new series, and there were two searches specifically for the grandfather theory. Not that I don't appreciate the interest, but it would be nice if someone left a comment once in a while (other than the appreciated regular readers, that is). While you're looking around at Terminator stuff, you might look at this site.
I think that I'll answer one question today--why doesn't the terminator kill Sarah's mom? I think that the terminator does kill Sarah's mom in the original movie, but I think that the question was about why do the terminators only try to kill Sarah Connor or John Connor? Why don't the terminators go further back in time and try to kill Sarah's parents, or go back further than that and try to kill Sarah's grandparents, etc.... In the first movie, Reese tells Sarah that Skynet had limited records to work from, that Skynet knows John's name and Sarah's name and that Sarah lived in LA. Skynet didn't know the name of John's father, or have a picture of Sarah, etc.... So Reese had a bit more info to work with than the first Terminator, and Reese could find Sarah first, while the Terminator was just going through the phone book killing women named Sarah Connor. I'm not sure what the Terminator was supposed to do after killed the women in the phone book. I'm not sure how it was supposed to know that the right Sarah Connor had been killed and the mission was over. I mean, the Terminator wasn't carrying around a picture of John Conner that would fade if his parents never got together, right? Anyway, that's all the information that the Skynet had, so Skynet couldn't choose a different target like Sarah's mom, because Skynet didn't even know who Sarah was much less have anyway of tracking down Sarah's mom. If Sarah had an unlisted number, or ran out of money and had to move back in with her parents, I guess the Terminator would have killed the two women in the phone book and then waited for further instructions.

There were also a lot of Cloverfield searches, but I don't think that I have anything else to add to that right now.

This post is still attracting people who were still looking for dick costumes and penis molds and such. I still don't remember where I saw the penis mold kit, but it really can't be that hard to find, since I found it and I wasn't even looking. I am almost certain that it costs ninety dollars, and of course there's also shipping costs and such, so if you're not prepared to spend a hundred dollars or so you should give up on the idea. And to be clear I was just reading about the product, I didn't actually try it myself. So I can't advise anyone on whether or not it is a quality product, only that from what I've read people tend to get a little upset with the molding process but are usually very happy afterwards with end result.

There were a lot of searches here for Rudy's, but I can't say I have anything to add on that. I still haven't found coupons, and the only nutritional info I have is that a serving of the sauce is either 30 or 35 calories. But remember that a serving of sauce is like a tablespoon, not like half a cup. My overweight brother is still expected to die in less than ten years at about age 45. And remember that for the most part, turkey is good for you, so if you go to Rudy's please at least ask for a sample of the turkey. Try it, you might like it.

Other restaurant related searches included a couple of people were looking for Olenjacks. I wrote a post about going there, and their website has a menu, so that's very useful. A few people were looking for Jimmy Dips, which was a nice Chinese restaurant in Fort Worth that has been closed now for at least ten years. Someone Googled abuello's arlington. So I guess that I spelled that wrong, it should be Abuelo's, and for the record we went to the location in Hurst. It was very nice, and for the Hurst location there are often coupons in one of those little pamphlets you pick up from the tourist info places. And someone Googled campo verde black bean soup, so I guess that I have to apologize because I said that I would write up a recipe for my attempt at copying it, and then I didn't. So if you already know how to cook beans here's the general idea. You need a pound of dried black beans, and once you've got that going you add between a quarter pound and a half pound of smoked sausage, and then a bit later you add one large chopped onion, and then about six sliced jalapenos, and about ten minutes before you're ready to serve the soup you add a bunch of chopped cilantro, though you might put a bit of the cilantro and maybe a few slices of jalapeno aside for a garnish.

I wrote this post about not having enough money and not being smart about the money we have, about his family being poor, and him having totally different ideas about spending money, and about my current bad spending habits, etc... It's getting a lot of traffic from these searches-- where do rich people spend money Why do we need to spend money on shelter for poor people why do the poor spend money fast "dropped my health insurance" rich people save poor people spend poor people money and do poor people spend money on good things I thought that housing in the past and now was another search that led to this post, but as it turns out it goes to a post I wrote about haunted houses.

A couple of people were searching for monday's and wednesday's texas kfc chicken fried steak. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, there's a Monday $1.99 lunch special for chicken and on Wednesdays there's chicken fried steak for $1.99 (and for the record medium drinks are supposed to be one dollar on those days, but most of the time they seem to "forget" to give the discount). Anyway, I wrote a post about going to Arkansas, and on the way there we stopped at KFC and asked for the Wednesday chicken fried steak special. And some kid told us that "this is KFC, and we don't have chicken fried steak." So it's just annoying when you go to a national chain and find that things are not just like the restaurant you have back home.

I sure that someone looking for alcohol gift baskets did not want to hear my Monday Morons lecture against giving alcohol.

I have no clue what one would buy with freaky fridays coupons.

Someone would like to know how to get even with a homewrecking woman Well, I think that I'm going to keep all of my really good ideas to myself. Seriously, though, whoever you are, we can talk if you think just talking to someone would make you feel better.

I'm not quite sure how that this search how robotics could fit into the rapture locust led to my blog. But it sounds just really cool.

im no longer getting my emails someone is hacking into them led someone to a post I did recently in which I linked to another post and gave a condensed version about something that happened, and I thought that someone had hacked into some of my husbands stuff and changed his blog just a tiny bit. It was my theory that either the Homewrecking-slut or someone working on her behalf had done it. Anyway, somebody did it, for no aparent reason. And if it was supposed to be a joke, no one took credit for it.

The search everyone is going to be are right leads to my post about almost everyone is going to hell, which in no way implies that everyone is going to be alright.

I also got searches for stuff like Freaky Nylons and remembering valentine And I had a lot of art related searches. On the same day I had someone searching for an Altrusian and someone else searching for ganectic. Apparently oklahoma is not for freakys I don't have an argument either way for that one. There were two searches for joke gifts diets no thanks i'm on a diet I'm not quite sure what the search is really about, but this could lead to either my post about diet drinks or why I'm not exactly fat. People Googled truth about body works and victoria's secret christmas tree I just like Bath & Body Works, so I get a lot of searches like that.

So I'm not sure if whoever was looking for bimbo friend was looking for the one I mentioned. Now, this is not my bimbo friend, but the Homewrecking-slut's friend. I may have to give her her own section.

There were searches for picture of insidious and insidioustruth I had all kinds of fun playing with that second one. As for the first one, well, there's rarely any pictures over on this blog. The few so far have been of scarves and an art project, and one of the actors from Space: Above and Beyond and 24. So that probably was a disappointment.

Okay, here's this week's count:

Cloverfield-- 33
People going to hell--3
Diet Drinks--5
Popcorn-- 5
Bath & Body Works--2
Terminator/Sarah Connor--16

And the top twelve keyword are now: cloverfield, rudys, costume, bbq, penis, marlene, the, going, dick, giant, hell, calories


dmarks said...

The "how robotics could fit into the rapture locust" search is hilarious. Scary locust makes me think of "Quatermass and the Pit", so I think that the search made it to you somehow because of that.

Robot monster bugs....

laughingattheslut said...

The rapture locusts could very well be robots, but I don't remember ever writing that. There was just that little bit in the comments on the almost everyone is going to hell thing. There are robots elsewhere in my blog, but I don't think that they share any posts with the rapture or locusts.