Friday, February 08, 2008

Freaky Friday

Sorry it was late. I left for school before I finished this post, and I stayed out most of the day.

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

sex (12x) hell (6x) slut (5x) sluts (4x) dick (3x) crack (2x) penis (1x)

Well, as you can see I received credit for both slut singular and sluts plural. But I did not get credit for Homewrecking-Sluts, either singular or plural. I don't think that the blog rating thing can read that word. Oh, well. Earlier in the week I was number one in the Google search for Homewrecking-Sluts and various forms of the same, but now it seems that I have slipped to second place.

I think that I should take a moment to explain to my new reader that I do this post about Google searches on Fridays, maybe every week, but lately only once or twice a month. I was inspired by a post Killer wrote called Welcome Confused Gyno Patients. Before reading that I didn't even have a tracker on my blog. But his post was just so damned funny that I had to get one. Now I share the joy. Sometimes people leave comments on what their most interesting recent Google search was.

The big thing for the past few weeks has been Cloverfield. I wrote a review of cloverfield. People come here after Googling cloverfield truth and cloverfield marlene and cloverfield spaceship and so many other things about Cloverfield that I'm not going to list them this time. One search in particular caught my attention, not from the way it was phrased, but because of where it came from--Cardiff, UK. I'm sure that most of you don't even get why that would be funny. I really know nothing about Cardiff, except that's where the TV series Torchwood is set. Now, if you're not from the UK, and you're not an evil person who downloads TV shows, let me explain. It's a spin-off of Doctor Who, and it's sort of like Men in Black, only not as funny. So now we all know where the monster came from. It fell through the rift in Cardiff, found it's way to the ocean, and then swam to New York.

As usual, there were a lot of Google searches involving Rudy's BBQ. Again, there were just so many variations on that I won't list them today. I still have very little info on that. The sauce is between 30 and 35 calories per serving. Now remember that a serving is only like a tablespoon, not half a bottle. If I ever get any more info I promise to post it. Here a post about Rudy's.

Next we have some Google searches for sluts. We have fat freaky sluts, extreme freaky sluts, sluts in footless tights, freaky sluts, sluts corsets, slut husband, and russian sluts 4 sale. Until recently, most of the slut search traffic came to my blog because of a post I wrote about buying nylons at a place I called the Sluts R Us store. That really isn't the name of the place. Electrique Boutique is in Arlington, in Lincoln Square, between the Half-Price Books and Olenjacks Grill.

On a related note, someone was looking for "dumb things said by bimbos." I know a lot of dumb things said by one in particular. But we're not going to talk about her today.

Someone found my blog by Googling build men restroom. I have a post about vandalism at the school's men's restroom. Gross.

Here's one I haven't seen for a while--Marie Callender semi-annual pie sale. They probably should have gone here instead, but it's nice that they stopped by. We don't have a Marie Callender's here, but there are two in Oklahoma, and we just happened to be near one last October, and also the year before that. I doubt that we have any trips to Norman before the 29th when the sale ends, and I probably should spend the money on pies anyway. If you happen to be near one this month, you can get a whole pie for 5.99 (plus tin deposit), unless you are in Washington or Oregon and you have to pay a dollar more.

Again this week we have some interest in popcorn. Popcorn at the movies calories, popcorn diet, can you eat popcorn while dieting, and what food is better to eat at the movies popcorn or ice cream. The searchers were directed here, because I described the one time that I lost weight (on purpose) and it did involve eating a lot of popcorn. I still do not know the calories for movie popcorn, just that it must be a lot more than the air popped stuff with butter flavored spray that I had.

Here is someone looking for a bucket of dirt. I'm not sure if they wanted a bucket of dirt for making clay, or a bucket of dirt one buys looking for gems at a tourist place. I have done both.

There's still more interest in the Terminator this week. Can a future like terminator happen? Yes. Another search was terminator story line John Connor father. The third was how does Reese get a photo of sarah terminator? John gave it to him. Maybe John was doing a little matching making, but I've also read some excellent T2 books by S. M. Stirling suggesting that all the resistance fighters were given that same picture of Saint Sarah. The forth search was who got sarah connor pregnant? I thought that everyone knew that. But then I saw that there's also a singer named Sarah Connor, so that person might have been looking for something else entirely. Odd that someone was also looking for terminator series refrigerator. And I had two other refrigerator searches, 31 inch refrigerator, and why does white refrigerator cost more than black? I would have thought it was the other way around, as in my case, but the answer is just because some of us will pay the extra money. Here's a post about time travel theories and Terminator, and here's a post about buying a refrigerator.

People reading my review of diet drinks came looking for truth diet pepsi, how many calories in glass dr pepper, diet big red good for you, and minute maid light lemonade 2 liter bottle. Also, someone was looking for beer in a tree. But beer in a tree is not a diet drink, but a Christmas song.

Perverts stopped by to look for giant dick costume, homemade penis mold, make mold of penis at home, how to make a homemade penis mold, penis molds, and freaky penis. Here's an odd one--pottery mold for penis. Okay, I still don't remember where I saw this, but a kit for making a mold of your penis will cost you about ninety dollars. And I still haven't tried it, so I can't really give you any advice.

Not sure how this came to my blog, but here's a search for dmarks applebees. Also, a search for kelloggs factory tour came here, but that was because of dmarks leaving me a comment.

Art related searches include homemade coil vase, buy cheap vase plaster molds, "mosaic" "stargate design", paper-cast relief sculpture, plaster tile molds, mosaic sea turtle tile mold, how much do I charge to knit someone a scarf? I charge at least eighty dollars, which is probably why I have only sold the one. Also, there was a search for insidious clip art. I am thinking that they were disappointed.

Here's a search for sex list pictures. You can read the list if you want to, but there are no pictures. I'm thinking that they were disappointed too.

Fellow shoppers were looking for f.e. body butter and half price bathandbodyworks stuff. I look for that myself. But I'm taking a break since I have no money at the moment. But I still have plenty of stuff I haven't used yet.

I also had searches for diamond arkansas getting there, fun stuff to do in Joplin, decline in family traditions, and "international wildlife park". I used to work for International Wildlife Park in Grand Prairie, but it's been closed for almost twenty years. There were other parks, but I'm not sure if they are still around. I have been to the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, and I did find some fun stuff to do in Joplin. I shouldn't get into the decline in family traditions.

Fellow sci-fi fans were looking for "vorlon" "costume", vorlon costume, "star trek" "o'riley", and neville chase me. Neville can chase me if he wants too; all three versions of him. I don't have a vorlon costume, but I did meet the guy who wore it in the show. And if you don't know, Keven O'Riley is the man who sang "I'll take you home again Kathleen..." on Star Trek. We were voting on who was the most hated man on Star Trek, so I voted for Kevin.

Someone was looking for the tribulation and was directed to a post a made after a blogger made the remark that people shouldn't be praying for her. She was being prayed for (not by me) because she's going to hell, just like almost everyone else. In the discussion that followed, I accidentally wrote Post-Tribulation when I meant to write Pre-Tribulation. My obvious error pops right up on the Google search. I wish I could fix that.

Fellow fans of eating out were looking for Jimmy Dip's Chinese Fort Worth and olenjack's grille review. I have gone to Olenjack's a few times and I like it, but really I shouldn't spend that much money. We have a gift card for the place, so we'll be going at least one more time. Jimmy Dip's was a great place, but it's been closed for like ten years.

Other searches include buy superbowl tickets for 2011, "Susan_25", january 2008 "my kid" "until march" london, and freaky fridays. Freaky fridays makes perfect sense. Super bowl tickets for 2011 leads to a post I wrote about them being dumb enough to schedule the Superbowl in a place that isn't even built yet. I have a friend named Susan, but she isn't 25. Not even close. I have no idea what january 2008 "my kid" "until march" london is for. We are on blogspot, and it was January, but I can't make much sense of the rest of it. Unfortunately it led to a post where I was venting a bit, about when my husband was talking nonsense about Maine and London, and how I have to wait until March to do something.

Okay, here's this week's count:




People going to hell--0



Diet Drinks--3




Bath & Body Works--2

Terminator/Sarah Connor--5


And the top twelve keyword are now: cloverfield, costume, rudys, penis, bbq, the, marlene, dick, going, giant, hell, diet


dmarks said...

The "dmarks applebees" one is strange. I checked the search in Google, and my blog comes up first on it, and yours third. The searcher never bothered to go to my blog (according to my search tracker). I guess "insidious" has more word appeal than "throwaway".

laughingattheslut said...

I forgot to write something at the beginning of the post.

The first person to read the 300th post, message to homewrecking-sluts, was using anonymouse.

dmarks said...

By the way, how do you get that "Popular Posts" thing on the right? I am guessing you just manually made a list of posts that had a lot of comments. However, if there is an automatic way to generate such a list in Blogger, I'd like to know.

laughingattheslut said...

I just picked those myself.

Some of them are the posts getting a lot of traffic. Some of them are just posts that I actually had something to say, so I wish that they were getting a lot of traffic.

dmarks said...

Thanks. "Blogger" has a whole bunch of doodads to add to pages; one that automatically keeps a list of the top 10 or 20 comment-getting posts would be easy for them to add.