Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today was my lucky day, sort of

Well, I started off the day having woken up at around 7:30, which was a pretty good time to start the day with my planned schedule. Lately, I have been waking up an or hour two earlier, blogging or something to pass the time, and then blogging a bit too much and getting a late start. So this was good, except that the reason for it was waking up a bit in the middle of the night, but that was alright since I got back to sleep within a reasonable amount of time.

So I'm about ready to leave when I realize that I don't have my tool box. And it doesn't seem to be in the car either. And I'm pretty sure that I didn't leave it at school, because there's all sorts of other things in the car that I wouldn't have bothered to take home if I didn't also take home the tool box.

Right. So I'm asking my husband if he's seen my tool box. No, he hasn't. But apparently he doesn't even know what it is that I'm looking for. He doesn't ever remember having seen a clear plastic box with tools and maybe a cookie cutter, about the size of a shoe box, but with a hinged lid. And I've used this tool box now for over a year, since this is my third semester back in school. So much for his photographic memory.

So, I can either go on to school and see what I might be able to work on without the tool box, or I can sit home and cry about it. I decide to go on to school.

I've pretty much confirmed that I didn't leave it on my shelf at school. So there are a few possibilities. First, I have probably brought the tool box into the house and then accidentally covered it with a sweater or a stack of newspapers or something and just can't find it. Second, I might have left it in the car and then did something like accidentally cover it with a coat or a box or plastic bag and just can't find it. The third possibility is less likely and less pleasant, since if I left it in the parking lot while I was loading the car, I am very unlikely to ever see it again, while if I just can't find it right now it will probably turn up in a few days. The fourth possibility is that someone just took it from me, and that is very unlikely.

So I started getting out all of my stuff and letting the pieces dry out a bit, wondering what I should work on while the tools were missing. A friend offered to let me use any or all of her tools. And then I remembered that my vase had probably been fired. So I went to get that, sanded it a bit, rinsed it, and then started applying wax resist around the edge. The wax resist will help keep glaze off of the parts of the piece that will actually touch the kiln shelf. If the bottom of the piece has glaze, the firing process will glue the piece to the kiln shelf and ruin both items.

Then the professor told us that he would prefer us to wrap up whatever we were doing in time to hear a guest artist give a lecture. So most of us did that right after I was able to apply one coat of glaze to the inside of my vase. And then after the lecture there was free pizza and soda and cookies. One of the nice things about being in the art department is there's free food once in a while. Then we went back to class, and I had time to apply a second coat of glaze inside the vase, so I'll only have to do one more coat on the inside and three coats on the outside before it is fired again.

So it wasn't a wasted day at all. And after the free lunch at school I didn't have to rush home to eat lunch and got to run an errand. While I was out, I bought my lotto tickets for the week. If this is really my lucky day, maybe I'll win the lottery.

Of course I still have to find my tool box. Unless I win the lottery and can buy a new one. Of course, if I win the lottery, I'm probably going to buy a whole new studio.


The Absurdist said...

Did you find it? I HATE it when that happens. Why does only Art get free cookies? Bastards.

laughingattheslut said...

Well, I did finally find it last night. I kept thinking that I had put it on the bed, and then at some point we had to move it off of the bed to go to sleep. So it shouldn't be that far from the bed, but I didn't see it anywhere. (I know, I shouldn't have put it on the bed to begin with, but I do that sort of thing.) So it turned out to be on the floor, near the bed, but some stuff from the laundry waiting to be done fell out of the basket and hid the tool box.

The art department sometimes has free food, because they are trying to have it be like a real art reception. It's usually cookies and punch and fruit and cheese, but this time they skipped the fruit and cheese and had soda and pizza instead. There was someone else down the hall giving another talk, and this poor woman was trying to guard the pizza til the lecture was over, only she was confused and was waiting on the other talk to be over. She just wouldn't believe us til the professor came.

It was supposed to be for the whole art department, but it turned out that only our class went to the lecture. There was like three whole pizzas left over. I should have asked if I could take one home.

dmarks said...

There is such thing as a free lunch.

laughingattheslut said...

I used to frequently take home leftover pizza from the astonomy club. I don't know why I was shy about getting some from the art department thing.