Thursday, February 07, 2008

Most of this week sucks

Okay, so the don't spend money bit isn't going very well.

So the plan was to buy some groceries on Saturday and Sunday, and then not spend any more money on food. We were supposed to eat at home and not go out to lunch and spend money, stay home and clean house, etc.... So Saturday, with list in hand, I went to the grocery store and did not buy anything that wasn't on the list. In fact, several things that were not on the list I didn't buy cause I thought that I could get a better deal somewhere else. Sunday, we went to another store, mainly intending to buy potatoes and pork chops, and maybe a few vegetables that I forgot to get at the other store. I thought that would would spend less than ten dollars.

Somehow we spent almost twenty. I told him what I'd already bought, but I don't think he was listening cause he bought several of those things again. He bought three bunches of cilantro. I don't think that I've ever used more than one or two in the same month, and I'd already bought one, so now we have four. Same thing with onions and avocados and peppers, though I suppose a few more of those things never hurt anybody.

Still, that's only about forty dollars on groceries. I thought that I did pretty good with that.

Sunday was the Superbowl. We were just supposed to eat stuff we'd bought from the store, but it was the Superbowl and my brother invited us over. We ate some pizza, which we did not pay for. I think that all we brought was some sodas. My brother's nice like that. "I'm going to buy food. Do you want some?" He does that a lot. So we didn't eat what we were supposed to eat, but we didn't spend any money either.

Monday, I didn't feel so good. Normally to feel better, I go and eat Chinese food, and then maybe eat a whole bag of cookies. I don't think that doing either thing is particularly good for me, but I do it anyway. And this week I'm not supposed to spend any money, so doing either of those things wasn't a good idea. But I still didn't feel so good that afternoon, so we went to Arby's. Not as bad as eating a whole bag of cookies, and not as expensive as Chinese food. I still felt bad, but a little better. But that was another ten bucks that we weren't supposed to spend.

Tuesday, my husband got a bonus at work. It's supposed to be two hundred and fifty dollars, but by the time everything is taken out the check is only for like a hundred and sixty something. And I don't know why they sent a check, since everything else is direct deposit. So we had to go out to deposit this check, and we decided that one nice lunch wasn't going to kill anybody, and we had a coupon. So we went to Humperdinks. Some of their food is really good, and some of their food is really boring. I still wasn't feeling too good, so I decided not to buy anything that sounded spicy. So I got one of their create your own pasta things. Very boring. It did make me feel a little better, but I could have gotten better boring food for a lot less money. Like I could have bought something just as good or better at the frozen food section of the grocery store. So now I'm kicking myself for spending twenty-five bucks on boring food.

So I bought all this food, and I think that the main thing that we've eaten is a few pork chops and some hotdogs. Yesterday, I still didn't feel so good. Not that I felt bad enough to justify spending most of the day in bed, but somehow that's what I ended up doing. I got up, did some blogging, had a bath, did a few more things, and then was mostly in bed watching TV. At some point I realized it was lunch time. I thought it was a lot earlier than that. So I've mostly wasted half a day, and I don't know why. I get up to do stuff, mostly forget what I was going to do, and go back to bed. So it's time for lunch, and I should fix lunch, but I'm not really hungry and fix more of a snack. Then my husband suggests going to the library, and then maybe we can see a movie. Movies are not part of the don't spend money plan, unless maybe they are at a dollar theater. But there is one in Irving, so that's okay. And there's a library and other stuff that we want to do in Irving, so off we go. Only by the time the movie is about to start, we both suddenly get very hungry. So go to Burger King. Again, no one will die if we go to Burger King once in a while, but it was another ten dollars or so that I didn't plan to spend.

Okay, so after eating at Burger King and watching vampires kill everyone is Smallville Alaska, I feel better. But now it seems like it's too late to really do anything. So like an hour later I am back in bed again, watching TV.


The Absurdist said...

Hon, I know that this post is about not spending money, but I am a little worried about how you are "not feeling well" so often.

Are you okay?

dmarks said...

A day of burgers and vampires...

Still been ages since I've seen a Chinese buffet, and the mere mention now makes the craving stronger.

As I type this, I see your blog-rating link on the right. That's a good NC-17 rating you are maintaining, despite discussion of bland subjects like pasta, pork chops, and potatoes. Hope you feel better soon.

laughingattheslut said...

Dear Absurdist,
Since you are a new reader, you probably don't realize that I haven't felt really good since stuff that happened about two years ago March. But I'm not really sick right now either. Mostly, I just feel a bit off. Like maybe I missed a couple of birth control pills. Only I checked, and that isn't it. No real worries on that front.

I think that I take too much over the counter meds. If I'm not feeling well in the morning, I panic and take a little green pill. If I can't sleep right away or am spending the night alone, I take something for that. So I'm trying to cut back on that sort of thing.

Anyway, it's not like I'm confined to the house sick or anything. Just having weird sleep patterns and feeling a little queasy.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I do the same thing...when I plan on not spending money...I do just that.