Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Morons: Just a few things that annoyed me this week

It's Monday, so I should be writing Monday Morons. But there was nothing that really got to me that much this week, other than just the usual stuff.

There were some little things here and there. Thursday I was in class about thirty minutes early, and there were already four other students in the lab. And most of us are getting out our clay and tools and such, but sometimes there's someone just bent over a book. And there are plenty of good reasons why a person might be into a book instead of working with clay. Like the first semester students actually have to study for quizzes and such. Or you might be looking at a pottery book to get some ideas. Or you might be looking at pictures in other books while trying to find a pattern for your next project. Or maybe you have to draw something in your sketchbook. And sometimes you have a book open that has nothing to do with ceramics class, cause you have a test soon in some other class, and you look over occasionally at your biology textbook or your notes from history class.

So as I am walking past this girl who is bent over a book, I look over to see what she is doing. And I think that she is playing sudoku.

Sudoku? We have very limited lab time. The teacher is supposed to arrive an hour before class is scheduled to start, so those of us who don't have a class in the previous time period can get a little more work done. but I'm afraid he isn't always reliable about this. But Thursday the lab was open before class officially starts, and here sits this girl who is working on sudoku puzzles.

I'm not her mother, so I didn't say anything. If she can get her work done in only the allotted six hours a week, good for her. If she can, she isn't actually required to do anything with the clay until ten o'clock. But it was just really irritating to see someone in the lab wasting time and using a table to do something so trivial that had nothing to do with class.

There was some other annoying thing that had to do with class, but I've already forgotten what it was, so I don't think it was that important.

Wednesday, I got a bit ticked off with my husband's bosses. It turned out okay, but this sort of thing is so annoying.

We're still a bit short on money after the recent seasonal layoffs, and now that the holidays are over, there are still gaps in the schedules. So my husband sometimes works a full week, and sometimes not a full week, and sometimes there's a whole week off. But last week's schedule was for four days with Wednesday being a day off. Fine. Wednesday we will have an early Valentine's Day. We will take some of the gift cards we received for Christmas and have a lovely lunch somewhere and maybe go to a movie or something. That way we do something nice without spending too much money.

So the day was supposed to start off with lunch at Olenjacks, and I'm trying to pick something to wear that isn't a dress and is mostly casual, but not something so casual that I've ruined it by wearing it to art class. I finally find something that I'm comfortable with, and then the phone rings. My husband's boss needs to get a camera from my husband and take it to someone who is working that day whose camera isn't working. Right. My husband's boss is more than an hour's drive south of Fort Worth, and he wants my husband to bring the camera to someplace in Fort Worth and then the boss will drive from Fort Worth to one of the places where the other photographers are working.

Okay. It isn't lunch time yet. So if I go with my husband to meet his boss, we'll still have time to turn around and go to Olenjacks for lunch. Fine. So we're stuck at home waiting for this boss to drive to Fort Worth, and when he's almost there he'll call and we'll suggest someplace to meet. And there's nothing really at the place that he wants to meet, and I already think this whole business is lalready unreasonable enough without us just having to wait for this guy in a parking lot or something. I think he can meet us down the road a bit at a McDonald's or something. It least we can wait for him indoors and have a soda or something. So my husband thinks about it for a bit and decides that a certain Whataburger is the best place to meet. So I get dressed and we wait for the boss to call back.

And then the boss calls, and he and my husband discuss where to meet and they agree on someplace. But now it's a bit later, and we can still turn around and have lunch at Olenjacks, but later than we planned, and I'm already not feeling so good and I don't want to have lunch late. So we decide maybe just having lunch in Fort Worth might be better, and then we can go to Olenjacks for dinner.

Now what is my husband getting paid for having our day disrupted like this and wasting at least two hours of his time driving to and from Fort Worth? Absolutely nothing. On a day that he works but doesn't make enough to draw commission, he is only paid fifty dollars. But this isn't counted as a work day, and he won't get anything for his time, and I'm not even sure if there's a place on the expense report to get back his money for the gas. I was a bit ticked off and thinking that they should just give the other guy the day off and pay my husband to take his shift. But that isn't fair to the other guy either, because at the end of the shift the guy will still have to go in and get the rest of his equipment, and they won't pay him for that either. But there should be some way of paying a person for wasting their day off like this. This sort of thing has happened before, more than once, and it isn't fair to anybody.

So we're just about to walk out the door, and the phone rings again, and the boss now has another change of plans. One of the other photographers has to take his wife to the doctor. Luckily, this is one of the photographers with a broken camera. So maybe my husband could just take the camera and go work this other guy's shift instead of meeting the boss in Fort Worth. So that was a better deal for us, even if he was only going to make fifty dollars, cause at this point we need even fifty dollars. But I was still a bit rattled for having my day interrupted like that. And then my husband made commission, and it was the best day of work that he's had since before Christmas. Unfortunately, the rest of the schedule still sucks.

I guess I ended up writing Monday Morons after all.


The Absurdist said...

Wait, wait wait. You live in Forth Worth? I live in Frisco!

Let's get together for a drink, girl!

laughingattheslut said...

I live in Grand Praire. I used to live in Fort Worth.

I don't drink, but there are Starbucks and places to get sodas and such. I used to go to the Grapevine Mall every Saturday and meet some people at Joe Muggs, but the gas and such got to be to much.

I hate Dallas.