Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sometimes I really wonder what is wrong with his brain

Yesterday I went on a bit about my husband not seeing a doctor. I meant to go into something else, but an hour later I had already written a long enough post without even getting into the money part of the situation.

So I was going to blog about that part today, only I think I'll save that for maybe tomorrow. I want to write about something I noticed last night. Another side of, what's the matter with him anyway?

Yesterday I notice that my husband mentions in his blog something about it being National Pancake Day. If you had gone to IHOP yesterday, between like 7 and 10, you would have been offered three pancakes for free. The idea is that you get free pancakes, and then you donate the money that you would have spent on the pancakes to some charity the Shriners are involved with. So far as I know, only the pancakes are free. It doesn't come with free coffee or milk, and you might want to buy some eggs to go with those pancakes, etc... So the charity makes money, and probably IHOP still makes some money, and everybody's happy.

We learned about this last Friday. It was one of those times last week that we ate out somewhere when I didn't plan to. My husband skipped lunch, waiting for me to come home, which didn't happen until after 4pm. We had no plans to go to lunch, but he thought we did, so he just sat at the computer and skipped lunch, waiting for me. So by the time I come home he doesn't feel so good, and he doesn't feel like eating whatever was in the fridge that he was supposed to eat. So we had this coupon, and we went to IHOP.

So we knew about National Pancake Day, and I thought about it, but didn't actually make any plans. I just sort of thought if we remember and we're out, we'll think about it. But I didn't remember yesterday morning when I was getting ready for school. And he didn't exactly get up early. We did talk for a bit, mostly to confirm that he would probably have to leave for work before I got done with school, so he shouldn't be waiting for me to eat lunch, and I should go run some errands instead of rushing home to see him. While I was out, I remembered, but I didn't want to go by myself. And he got home too late to go that evening.

I'd assumed he'd forgotten about it too, only there it was in his blog. So when he came home I said something like, we missed National Pancake Day. And he said something like, I didn't know anything about it until this morning.

Now, that's not right. We knew about it Friday. We went to IHOP on Friday. But after I mentioned it, he still didn't remember.

My husband will go on about this nonsense of having photographic memory. He can't remember anything real, he can't remember anything important, but he remembers some dumb things in movies and some stuff he's read. And then he thinks he has really good memory.

But even after I remind him about Friday, he still doesn't remember. He should remember after I tell him that we were there Friday. He doesn't. He remembers that we went there Friday, but he doesn't remember seeing anything about National Pancake Day.

I could understand if this was last month we were talking about, but this was less than a week ago. We saw the ad. We talked about it. We noticed that the Shriners were involved, cause we used to have a job where we worked with a lot of Shriners.

And while we are in IHOP talking about National Pancake Day, I reach over and pick up the ad so that I could see what hours the free pancakes were available and stuff like that. And then I dropped the ad in my soup.

I was sort of funny. It was not hilarious. Years from now, we will not be telling our friends about the time that a dropped the National Pancake Day ad in my soup. But at the time, it was funny.

And it was less than a week ago, and he doesn't remember. After I tell him all of that, he sort of vaguely remembers.

Sometimes I really wonder what is wrong with his brain.

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dmarks said...

I ate at two iHops last year (I just noticed that I spell it like iPod now). I've not even seen any since, but someone has an iHob blog going.

I don't think I'd previously been to iHops since the 1970s, but that is what my memory says.