Friday, March 28, 2008

A few more things

Despite what it says on the TV listings link below, the FOX site says that tonight they will be showing BONES and Canterbury's Law. BONES is definitely a re-run. I don't think that there have been enough Canterbury's Law yet to be showing re-runs, but I could be wrong.

Again, I did not win the lottery. I see in my future a job that I probably will not like. Possibly one in which I say, "Would you like fries with that?"

I have finally made an appointment for my annual exam. So I will get that over with next week, almost a month later than I should have.

Freaky Friday's is on hiatus until further notice. I have too much to do, and I shouldn't be blogging much, except for what I do in the mornings while I wait for a certain person to wake up. Freaky Friday's usually takes up some of my time on Friday afternoons, and I've decided that I should spend that time working on school projects. Today I intend to bring home some terra cotta and work on my relief sculpture. That is, if the bookstore hasn't run out of clay again, and in that case I will spend my afternoon making a trip to the ceramic supply place.

The memorial service for my friend will be a week from Saturday. I have plenty of time to find something suitable to wear and buy shoes. The service is in Dallas, but in a part of Dallas that I don't have much problem driving to, because it is off of I-20. The problem will be afterward, trying to decide if I should drive to the wake at his home. The drive from the funeral home to his house would take me right through a part of Dallas that I don't care for. Maybe I can make some excuse to go home first and find a safer way to drive from there.

Enough. Time to go to school.

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dmarks said...

8:00pm - 9:00pm, WFQX (3)
Bones : "The Man in the Wall"
Brennan kicks someone into a wall during a melee in a club, and the wall breaks open to reveal a mummified corpse and a stash of methamphetamine. Bren…more

Original Airdate: November 15, 2005
Repeat TV14 (CC) HDTV

Canterbury does appear to be new.