Monday, March 03, 2008

Terminator TV and art class

Okay, let's start with reminding everyone that tonight is the two-hour season finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. So that will be on Fox at 7pm. Don't miss it.

Not that I have any intention of missing it, but I'm going to poke fun at the ads for a minute. It says stuff like we've waited all season to find out what happens, and the seasonal finale just can't be missed, etc.... Waited all season? More like waited all month. It's been like what, maybe five episodes?

I don't have a problem with them reminding us that this will be the last episode for a while, but it seems a bit silly to call it the season finale when they haven't even had half a season.

Medium is also on tonight. I don't know if that's the season finale or not. I went to have a look at next week's schedule, and for the most part, there just wasn't one. I realize some of this has more to do with the website I was looking at, but it just looks like the networks don't have a clue what they'll be showing next week. Like they've mostly run out of stuff and don't know what to do about it yet.

Dexter is now on CBS Sundays. Or, at least, an edited version is available. Not exactly new television, but new to some, especially those without cable TV.

So don't I have anything better to do than sit around watching TV?

Yes. But that would require work, which I don't want to do.

It's like the middle of the semester, and I've not even done that much in ceramics class. I have had one vase bisque fired. I haven't finished glazing it, because I would like to test fire the glaze first, and the test pieces haven't been bisque fired yet. And my second vase hasn't been bisque fired yet. We left it to dry a bit away from the other pieces, because it's rather an odd shaped delicate thing that we wanted to keep safe. But then when he was loading the kiln he didn't see it and forgot about it. So now I have to wait for the second vase and the test pieces to be fired before I can do anymore glazing.

I have mostly finished models for a plate and a bowl. I'll pour plaster on them either this week or next week. I still haven't decided for sure about the last two projects, which will probably be dragons. I had ordered a book of patterns before Christmas, and the wrong book was sent, and last week they finally gave up looking for it and just sent me a refund. So I don't think there's any point in trying to get the book somewhere else in time to use it for anything this semester. And I'm not sure that there will be a next semester, since this is the end of the arrangement I have with my husband.

The rest of my time at class will be taken up with making weird dishes that might be used at a Halloween party. Let me explain a bit. The club has a big Halloween party which is held in a room which we rent from a government building where several of my friends work. Technically, since the room is rented by an employee, the room rental is free after a certain amount of food is purchased. You're not supposed to bring in outside food, but my friends thought up this loophole of the weird food contest. Originally, this was just an excuse to bring in extra food, and it mostly involved adding food color to cheese dip and pasta dishes, etc... and then thinking up weird names for the food.

The weird food contest has become a serious competition. I have entered maybe six times. Twice I won first place, and once I won an honorable mention. Another year I had something really big planned, but at the last minute I was told that the competition had been changed to desserts only, so I skipped that year. The dessert only didn't go over well with anyone else either, though most of the entries are usually desserts. We just don't like having our options limited like that, and the dessert only rule eliminates the cheese dip and a few other things we've gotten used to having.

So I'm making these special dishes so that the food itself doesn't have to be especially weird, but it will look weird when served at the party. So I am planning a Martian cricket casserole dish, and a Triffid salad bowl, and now a Alien face-hugger dip bowl. I'm wondering if I'll have time to add an Alien egg chip bowl/cookie jar.

The Martian and the Triffid I have already started. This weekend I looked for images of the Alien face-hugger. I'd forgotten how unpleasant it looks. Still, I think the design can easily be altered to make a dip bowl.


Craze said...

TV has been messed up since the writers went on strike. I can't figure it out. I plan to watch Medium tonight and I have Dexter on TIVO!

The Halloween party sounds like a blast!! You should post pics of your winning entrees!

dmarks said...

I declared a Mars month and forgot about Martian crickets, I now realize. I'll do something about that.

laughingattheslut said...

There's a picture of a certain green chicken with a Martian cricket head floating around out there. I don't think I have pictures of the other stuff. My first time to enter (and the other time I won first place) it was gaugh (or gach or however it's spelled), which is a Klingon food. My particular batch was dead, so the Klingon's wouldn't eat it, though other people had a bit of it. The honorable mention was just sandwich stuff with a Roadkill Cafe menu. Other times I have entered stuff that looked like catfood, and cream of frog soup. No one ate the soup after a rumor about me using mutated three-legged frogs. There's just no pleasing some people.

dmarks said...

Perhaps the picture should make another sticky gooey appearance this month?