Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Random Thoughts

My husband came home last night at almost midnight, and despite the fact that I went to a night class, I was already asleep when he got home. I woke up for a bit, but not enough to say anything coherent. Just sort of mumbled something about him being home and me going back to bed. I think if I was going to be that late that I would have just gotten a room. I worry about long drives at night, but he doesn't think about that sort of thing.

Having gotten used to the idea of him not being here for a few days, it was then odd for me the first night he was home. Woke up in the middle of the night, remembered he was there, and then tried to go back to sleep because I can't watch TV or get up and eat ice cream, etc....

At school I finally got around to spraying glaze on the leaf vase (or the "tree" as the professor calls it). I am not comfortable with the spray gun and might have made a big mess of it. We shall see.

The glaze contains "substances which are known to cause birth defects and cancer in California." Lucky for me that we're in Texas. I'd almost forgotten about my cut fingertips, but then I got glaze on them. That rather stings a bit. I still have three or four boxes of rubber gloves left, but I'm not sure where any of them are at the moment. I should have taken a box to school last time I had them out.

I finally got a plate and a bowl from my molds. The professor is quite happy with them.

I have just realized that there's only like a month left for school. And I've been told that this week's Friday afternoon session has been cancelled. And I can't go next Friday because of my friend's memorial service. I don't think that I'm going to get things done on time. I need to decide if I should drop the class before the 12th of April. I still need to clean the glaze off of the bottom of the "tree" so it can be fired, glaze the tall vase, pour and finish at least three more bowls and plates, finish the Triffid, finish the Martian Crickets, and I haven't even started the relief sculpture, the dragon sculpture, or the Alien face hugger. And I had meant to do extra stuff. I at least have a design for the relief sculpture. Maybe I should roll out some terra cotta and take that project home over the weekend.

I have just looked at a blog that I used to read. The author said that she needed a break and was probably going to give up blogging. I reminded her of all the time she had put into the thing and she said that she wouldn't delete the blog, just that she might not write in it anymore. A while back a couple of us checked on it, and for some reason instead of seeing a month old post we saw a post that was a year and a half old. Now it is even stranger. There's not a post, but a bunch of drug ads. It is very strange to see someone's thoughts on life replaced by drug ads. I hope that she is alright.

Time for me to get ready for school, even if there is someone in the next room who is still trying to sleep.

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