Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Morons--My husband

No, we're not going to talk about that.

Okay, my husband got a blog before I did. He used to have a little bit of a diary type of posts in with some movie reviews and just stuff that he would write about after maybe seeing something on the news. He had a few readers, and a couple of them were not nice people and something very bad happened.

He was supposed to give up the blog, and he mostly did for a couple of months. I hoped that there would be one last post, that he would apologize and warn other people what can happen if you find yourself talking to someone on the blog more than you talk to your family. But he didn't do that. What he did do was delete the whole blog and say that he'd like to forget the whole thing.

I was very upset that he deleted the blog, because there were things in the blog that I liked, nice stuff that he wrote about my dad and such. But he just does things without thinking, so the blog is gone.

So, I thought that at least it was over with and I'd have my husband back. Only after a little while he got another blog. In my opinion, the new blog wasn't as good as the old one. There's nothing special about this blog. He just writes about whatever he thinks will get him the most readers that day. He writes about things that he doesn't really care about at all, just because that's what was on Google trends that day. So he deliberately did something that he knew would hurt me, after I had asked him not to and told him that eventually it would come down to him choosing me or the computer, and he chose the computer.

But, for some reason, even though more people seemed to be reading the new blog, they weren't leaving comments. He wasn't making friends on the new blog. So even though he was wasting his time on this blog and deliberately hurting me by having the thing in the first place, it did make me feel a little better that he wasn't making friends on this blog and I probably didn't have to worry about a repeat of what happened before.

Only then he started joining all of these other things. Facebook and other blogger groups. Then he was getting comments, only the comments weren't someplace where I could read them. He now probably has more friends than I have posts.

After I complained about it, he joined some more groups and added four more blogs.

Okay, last week I found out about the Facebook thing, which upsets me on many levels that I will not go into now. But the thing about Facebook is that you're supposed to use your real name and your real info. So there he is with his real name, and his real info with stuff like his real job, and he has it linked to all of his blogs.

So he no longer really has an anonymous blog. People from work can find him and his blogs quite easily. And while the new blogs don't have the personal touch that the old one did, he does once in a while write about his own life, mostly stuff about the job. Nothing really bad, nothing that's a lie, but not stuff that you would proudly show off to your boss either. The hours are bad, and the money is better than the last place but still not enough, and something else would probably be better if something else would make enough money to pay the bills, etc...

People get fired over stuff like that.

This is not the most stupid thing that he has ever done. This is probably not even the most stupid thing that he has ever done that wasn't directly aimed at me. But now his boss knows that he has a blog and wants to read it. This is pretty damned stupid.

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Craze said...

It sure seems like some men sure can get sucked in to the whole blog/facebook/myspace thing.